Letters from North America

Death to Traitors!

I can’t be cancelled

Seems as if everyone around us is running round with their hair on fire and scared to death about being ‘cancelled’ Well, Bucko let me assure you and set your little hearts at ease. you are not, repeat after me….you are not a stamp. You cannot be cancelled. You might...

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Just do it

If you want to write a column or blog like this on any kind of a regular basis, then you must be looking or ‘mining’ for discussion topics at all times. So, this week, I want to help you reduce some of your stress and anxiety issues that we all seem to face nearly...

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Shut ‘ma mouth and call me a biscuit

In my never-ending quest to see just how silly our society has become or will soon become; the following comes to my attention. It now seems that we are advised to be careful what and how we say things to other people for fear of ‘triggering’ them in one form or...

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A rose by any other name is still a rose

We are living in a world gone completely mad. I mean try to absorb what I am about to write. A college in our country….the US of A had a plaque on the wall commemorating the deaths of two of their alumni who embarked upon a missionary journey to Ecuador. These two...

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To Bee or not too Bee?

One of major advantages of getting old or older is that you have less to worry about your image. If you want to wear plaids and checks together, that’s ok with me. If you want to eat your dessert before your salad, have at it. Do whatever it is that makes you happy....

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life in mickey mouse land

When I started wring these blogs/columns again several months ago, I vowed not to get in political discussions. Well, I can’t help myself. I am what you might call a conservative person, not a true republican or a true democrat at all. I believe you should look at the...

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