Letters from North America

Death to Traitors!

What’s in a Name?

Having lived with my name for a number of years…..a lot of years to be more specific, I have always been on the alert for unusual or different names of people. My name (according to a website called “How many of me?”) is the only one in the country with my spelling....

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Here we go again!!!!!

Well, Happy Thanksgiving (no offense implied) to everyone. This is the beginning of that time of the year where we are all confused, isn’t it? I mean, we don’t know if it is proper to say…’Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ or just what to say, do we? This political...

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Guerrilla Cooking #2

Well, it’s easy to tell by the number of viewers and comments I received that most of you prefer to read about food and cooking as opposed to politics. I don’t blame you. I have to admit that I love to cook and I like to eat what I cook. As a result, I read a lot...

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How to cook a Porcupine….

I can tell by the decline in the numbers of viewers and readers of my blog last week that a lot of you thought that the title “Wow, what a victory” was going to be political. Well, if you had taken a moment to read it, you would have seen that it was not about the...

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So, here we are, the day after Election Day 2020. The election is OVER!! And who won? Well, if you are thinking I’m going to yell and scream for one of the two in the race for the presidency of this country, you are very wrong. I do not know if you are elated or...

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Vote Now!!!!!

You probably have heard me relate to you that I wrote a weekly column for over 100 weekly newspapers for over 25 years…big deal, move on nothing to see here. But the upshot of this column is to tell you that in those 1300+ columns I purposely stayed away from writing...

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