As I have told you before, I’m forever looking for new things to write about in these weekly blogs of mine.

I tend to get started on one thing or another and that moves me in a different direction altogether.

So this past week, our oldest granddaughter had another baby girl….Miss Abagail Alexandra is now alive and well on planet Earth.

Since she is the youngest sister (Norah is coming up on three) I figured they had all of the normal baby stuff that they could use like baby clothes, bathtubs, blankets and etc.

So my mind says that the thing they will need the most are diapers.

I go online to Amazon after finding out they need Huggies #1…these are for 8-12 lbs.

Then I learn 8-12 lbs. is for the weight of the baby and not the estimated load capacity.

So here is where I start to run over a few things and I am totally amazed that anyone, anywhere has actually tracked this kind of information which I am about to impart to you.

Trust me, you will learn something today, I would bet none of you have ever thought about in your entire lives.

We have been hearing about the negative effects that cow flatulence has upon global warming.

I am not making this up. There are actual figures and research studies out there that have tracked and recorded the amount of gas cows pass in an average day. The cattle ranchers of this country are proud to tell you that by reducing the number of cattle in the herds across America, they have single handedly contributed to a significant reduction to the toxic gases that pollute our environment.  The number of cattle in this country have been reduced by 1/3 of the total available 40 years ago.

Cow farts and burps are a big deal.

The best part is that the gas produced in a cow fart is methane, which decomposed much faster than does co2 which is produced by baby diapers. I know you are surprised and amazed by this information, aren’t you?

I read and hear the regular outcry about cow farts but not a word about babies.

Let’s look at the facts.

There are about 4 million new babies born in the United States each year. When I went Amazon to buy my great granddaughter some diapers (Huggies #1) they suggest boxes of 250 for a month’s supply.

Let’s assume that is a correct number. So 4 million babies using 250 diapers a month equals 12 billion used diapers in the United States landfills each and every year. Further research tells me (I am not making this up) that each used diapers carries about 8 ounces of poop material (liquid and solid) which translates into about 6 billion lbs. of waster or over 3 million tons each year.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting.

The toxic waste of a diaper is mainly ammonia and co2, which is vastly more dangerous to our environment than cow farts which are mainly methane. Plastic diapers have a longevity of about 500 years.

Now none of this is really news. These studies have around for years. It just seems as if the people who are preaching the effects of global warming are ignoring some of these key elements in their speeches.

Namely kids poop and dirty diapers.

Years ago, we used cloth diapers and washed them after we disposed of the poop in a toilet. I doubt you could even buy cloth diapers these days. You could also subscribe to a diaper service that would come to your house and get your diapers and return them to you cleaned in a few days. That service is no longer around either.

So where does that leave us?

Well, we aren’t going to stop having babies, are we? That’s not an option, is it?

I suppose what I am looking for here, is why some groups of environmental activists have not performed the same research I have just presented (as well as you good) and slacked off on calling for cow gas reductions and come up with a solution for a much bigger problem, baby diaper poops?

Start activating right now and demand justice for cows. Make up signs and protest in your neighborhood. This deception that cows are worse for the environment must be stopped. Do your part….today. don’t wait before it’s too late.

I hope you enjoyed these little bon mots of information I have just presented. What I found fascinating was all of the information and research that had been performed to produce these results.

Do people actually go to college to learn how to study cow and baby poop?

Heaven help us all.

Stay tuned for more …

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