Let’s see.the word .illegal, what was the meaning of that word again’

Oh, yes.as I recall it means something is against the law. I think the key word here is ‘ against. This means the opposite of for the law’ it’s against the law’seems like it should be very clear.

However up in the great city of Dallas, Texas, there seems to be a heated discussion going on at this time over whether or not persons driving motor vehicles should be required to have liability insurance or not. It seems some silly old mean council person drafted a ordinance that allows the police to tow your car or truck if you don’t have a valid insurance policy for that vehicle.

You’d think this was a no brainer wouldn’t you’

Apparently not in Dallas, Texas.

Nope, the ordinance was opposed by several council members who felt that having insurance would place an undue hardship on those who cannot afford any more expenses. The ordinance was opposed on the basis that poor people should not have to choose between food, shelter, clothing and insurance. One member of the council stated their opinion by saying that they wanted the police to be ‘ enforcing the law and fighting crime.not writing tickets to the poor in our society who cannot afford to buy car insurance.

I’ m sorry, but I thought driving without insurance was already a crime in this state. Just because it’s somewhat inconvenient and places a financial burden upon others, is that a reason to allow members of our society to drive anywhere they want, have wrecks and get off free because they could not afford to buy insurance’

I don’t think so.

If we use that analogy, then why lock people up for theft or selling drugs’ After all, these people are just stealing or selling drugs because they’ re broke and don’t have the money to pay their bills. Why enforce the law at all’ In fact why even have any laws of any kind at all’ You and I know that there are some laws out there that are not going to make everyone happy, so why have any at all’

Why not just let people observe whatever laws they want to observe and skip the rest if it isn’t convenient to them’

I don’t like red lights and speed limits, so why should I bother’ Why not just drive as fast as I want and run every light I come to at every intersection’

Because there is a law that says I must obey these laws in a civilized society.

The burden of financial distress for allowing uninsured drivers works both ways. If an uninsured driver hits some person, then that person is forced to fix the damage out of their own pocket or file on their own insurance which will probably make their own rates go up when it comes time for renewal. Go one step further, let’s say a woman is walking across the street to go to work and some uninsured driver hits her. The driver could not afford insurance because he is paying for his food, shelter and other things, remember’so, who pays for the lady’s injuries if not the driver’

I’ll tell you who. You and me’ that’s who.

Perhaps we should set up some program to pay for everyone who can’t afford insurance on their car. Remember driving is a privilege, not a right. But let’s forget about that for a moment and just say that our society should establish a fund to pay for everyone who can’t afford something in order to meet the requirement of the law.

I’ll go for that as long as they establish a fund to pay for the traffic tickets I’ll get for speeding and running red lights.

Why should I have to pay for something I can’t afford’ Why can one person consciously violate the law and others can’t’ Why have laws on the books if they are not going to be enforced’ You probably are saying something like boy are you cold hearted. ‘ those poor people need help.’

I’ m concerned over the poor in our society, but let’s be real.the more we hand out, the more that gets expected to be handed out. A gift today is a due tomorrow. We need better education and more job opportunities to push people up in our society not keep them forced down by winks and nods at the law. A practice that allows them to skirt common sense as well as societal responsibilities does nothing but harm all elements of our country.

All of us, at all levels of society, not just the poor.