Let’s see…..Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself. (Mark Twain) ….

Ah, but was he spot on or what’Here we are in the final quarter of this year. The third quarter economic figures were just released and guess what’They showed that we had some growth and the numbers were bandied around the current administration with great amounts of chest puffery. The recession was over and dead ….all due to their astute financial policies and brilliant planning and decision making. No mention made of the total costs to make this happen. They gleefully point to the number of new government jobs which have been created. Government jobs, my friends do not make profits.

You think the $8000 credit anyone can receive (a 4 year old got hers) added to a $4500 rebate to car dealers for ‘clunkers’ might have had anything to do with the economy’The housing credit expires on December 1st. The cash for clunkers has already come and gone. Do you think the auto industry is going to show improved sales in the 4th quarter as compared to the 3rd quarter’Do you think home sales are going to improve without the $8000 rebate’

If you do, then I’ve got some bridges for you to think about buying in Brooklyn.

Come on, how long do they think we can keep this up’

The word PROFIT is not a four letter word. It is what makes business function properly. Unless of course the rules of profit and loss do not apply to you.

If any of us had the ability to print more money to cover any and all of our losses then we would always be profitable, wouldn’t we’The fundamental laws of business would not apply to us anymore than the laws of gravity apply to someone in space. In fact I’m beginning to think that’s where some of these congressmen and women are living….out in space. They are totally oblivious to the basic concept of operating a company of any sort.

Their arrogance shows by their constant refusal to hear or listen to anyone with an opinion different from their own. In their mind, they are right and anyone who disagrees with them is wrong. No chance for discussion, full steam ahead….damn the torpedoes.

Yesterday, Friday the 30th of October, the market dropped nearly 250 points. If the people who live and breathe stock prices were certain the recession was over and happy days were here again, how can the market drop like this’

Because, these people know the truth and they know the numbers being put out by this administration are false and without meaning. We all know people who are looking for jobs. I just placed an ad online for a couple of minimum wage positions and so far (in one day) I have had over 20 resumes sent to me. Tell me people aren’t hurting.

Try getting a loan from a bank; do you know anyone who is getting one for their business’I think not. The only ones getting nay money are those with government projects under the so-called stimulus plan.

By the way, the paper this morning reports a large number of ‘jobs’ which have been created as a result of the stimulus plan. However when you read the fine print you’ll see the majority of these are government jobs. I go back to my original argument of how does a government job product any income relative to the gross domestic product of this country’

They don’t.

We can hope that next weeks elections produce some sense of change which may have an effect on the people in elected positions who might be concerned over their future. Otherwise Mark Twain was certainly a prophet.