It is Friday, the end of the week. I am sitting here trying to work up enough energy to get up from this desk and go into the house for the evening. I have to tell you that I am mentally and emotionally drained. I believe that this kind of exertion is 10 times worse than getting out here and working in the fields. Our farmer sharecropper ancestors may have had it better after all. I have to think that those fortunate enough to live in former times must have had a quieter, simpler lifestyle.

One which I envy.

Yes, I know it was hard going, rough work and long hours. But at least at the end of the day, you could sit back, kick back, play with your kids and talk to your wife without having to listen to the likes of:

Paris Hilton expected traumatic experience of going to jail.
Lindsay what’s her name going back to rehab. Again.
Another discussion of why and how Princesses Diana died.
More photographs of Bill and Hillary smiling as if they are truly in love with each other.
The names and faces of good men and women who are being killed in foreign countries.
Daily recollections of another politician or public servant getting caught stealing.
The breakup and divorce of movie stars (ACTORS) that I could care less about.
Discussions of why sports figures should not take drugs.
Discussions of sports figures who do take drugs.
Recounts of corporate officials robbing the company treasury for their purposes.
The daily barrage of presidential hopefuls speaking and making promises that will never be kept.

I guess I could go on and on but frankly this tires me out. I resent my time being taken up with the likes of corrupt people who lie, cheat and steal their way through life. I resent having the media spread photos of entertainment personalities into my home though television and newspapers as if these people were important and could have something to say that I would be interested in hearing. Until the early part of the 20th century actors and actresses were one step above (maybe not even that high) prostitutes and pimps. A position I think they share even today.

Our minds are never still enough to just listen to the wind. No, there is someone next to us with an I-Pod stuck in their ear blaring away or the car next to you at the light with bass speakers so loud your own car shakes. Try gathering your thoughts at the airport and you’re forced to listen to multiple cell phone conversations about personal matters you are not interested in hearing about and which should not be discussed. You go to a restaurant and the family next to you ignores their children who are playing on some Game Boy or worse watching a DVD player at the table. What happened to conversation’the grocery stores magazine racks aren’t selling anything to stimulate our minds and make us think, no they are selling us copies of US, People and who knows what. Filling the minds of the sheep of this country with pictures of the ‘beautiful’ people whose lives we are supposed to be in awe of. Their thinness makes our women get into eating disorders in a vain attempt to compete with their beauty. Their wealth makes our men feel inadequate because we can’t afford to own a limo or a house in the hills. The beautiful lives of the rich and famous are held up for all of us to see and to emulate.

But it will never happen.

Those of us on the outside, not the insiders or the Beltway Boys or on the “A” list can only press our American noses against the glass and wonder at the glitter and glamour of the haves in our have and have not society. No, those of us who work for years and years to provide for a better place for our children and grandchildren must stand out in the rain and cold and watch our countries resources be given away, with glee, to those who have broken the law to be in our country and who have no respect for our country. We are controlled by a strata of our society who plans, implements and passes laws that affect our everyday lives but for which they are themselves exempt.

And they resent those of us who find the time and energy to question their motives and intentions.

How dare us’How dare any of us to be offended because we pay through the nose at the gas pumps for energy sold to us by countries who would overthrow us in a heartbeat. How dare us to challenge those whom we have elected to be answerable to their constituents’ How dare us to be upset when we receive a sugar coated form letter in response to an honest inquiry about some policy we think is wrong for our country’don’t we know who they are’

I do, and I’m getting tired of it.

Are you’