Maybe I was absent the day that my school explained the definition of the word. ‘ public. As it is used in the phrase ‘ public servant. You know those folks that work for some governmental function which as I recall was funded by those of us out here known as ‘ taxpayers.

So, under that scenario the folks who work in the government technically works for us, the taxpayers, isn’t that about the way you see it’ I do.

Well, here’s one that’ll curl your toes, up outside the great city of Washington, D.C. there lives a employee of the school district by the name of Dean Tisadt. Mr. Tisadt is listed as the chief operating officer for the Fairfax County school system, which is just outside of Washington, D.C.

It seems that the other day a snowstorm blew into town and left about three inches on the ground. In our part of the world that would shut down the city, but I suppose up north it might be somewhat normal or then again, perhaps not. Anyway, a student at Lake Braddock Secondary School looked up the home phone number for Mr. Tistadt (it was a listed number) and called his house to inquire if the school was going to be open or if there was a snow day.

Sounds pretty reasonable to me, how about you’

He left his name and number on Mr. Tistadt’s answering machine. I suppose he went on to school, but was surprised to have a message from Mr. Tistadt’s wife waiting for him when he returned.

‘ How dare you call us at home! If you have a problem with going to school, you do not call somebody’s house and complain about it. At some point she utters the phrase snotty-nosed little brats’ and then comes back on the line to finish out the conversation by saying Get over it kid and go to school.’

Isn’t that lovely’

The student, one Dave Kori then posted Mrs. Tistadt’s response on Facebook and Youtube, along with the Tistadt’s home phone numbers. Sounds fair to me.

I suppose Mrs. Tistadt’s peace and quiet was shattered over her little temper tantrum. Perhaps she’ll think twice about how she should respond to someone asking a legitimate question and needing a civil and mature answer.

This brings me back to my point, the last time I looked this country has a national debt of some ten trillion dollars. If any corporation had a debt of this size, they would be long gone many years ago. In case you didn’t realize it, the government and yes, the school districts are a part of the government .are not a profit center. They do not, I repeat do not, generate a profit. They are funded solely by the efforts of hard working people like you and me. But think about it, how often do our ‘ employees’ get away with kind of abuse’

Pretty regularly, if you ask me. How many of us dread going to the post office or calling the IRS for something’ Not all of the time, but most of the time we are treated as if we are dirt and that our questions and or inquires seem to be bothering these governmental personnel. Not all of them to be sure. I have a high regard and respect for those citizens of ours who work for the government and I never fail to tell the ones that are civil and polite and helpful how much I appreciate their attitude and their assistance.

But you and I both know that there is not a ‘ the customer is always right’ mentality out there waiting for us with most of our governmental agencies. Most of us can tell horror stories about the ineptness and the condescending attitudes we have all been subjected to at one time or another.

This wife of this school district official is a good example. Do you think it ever occurred to her that the parents of this boy actually pay for Mrs. Tistadt’s livelihood’

I don’t think it did. I think Mrs. Tistadts has the attitude that she is the employer and not the other way around.

Perhaps that will change the next time a vote comes up for a salary increase for this district.