Well, you have to give Barack Obama credit for one thing.

No other president that I know of in history has managed to screw up so much in such a short period of time. He is the champion.

Where to start’

How about his screw up with the teleprompter (you know that device he uses whenever his mouth moves) when the Irish Premier was in town. The Irish Premier got confused reading from the teleprompter and Obama stepped in to help out. Lots have been written about who said what and so forth. I suppose my question is simply this….when will we ever see Obama WITHOUT a teleprompter’Last nights news conference showed that he is obviously aware of the fact that everyone knows he is dependent on this device. Last night he moved (not very effectively) the teleprompter from a desk model to one about the size of a drive in movie screen at the back of the room….see http://features.csmonitor.com/

Anyone recall what he did to Gordon Brown (UK Prime Minister) when he was here a few weeks ago’Generally the two heads of state exchange gifts that have some meaning. Brown brought Obama a pen made from the wood of a ship that had historical meaning. Obama gave Brown 25 DVD’s of American movies. Wow…. is this significant or what’ As if Brown could not afford to buy these for himself. A gift from Walmart. How touching. I’m certain old Gordon will hang onto those for years to come. What was the historical significance of DVD movies to one of our strongest allies’What about his removal of the statue of Churchill from the Oval office and its return to England’ If he didn’t want it in his office, why not just put it somewhere else but not send it back as if was an abomination to him’ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

Last week one of the Polish ministers took Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Calif. To task for the United States reluctance to honor a missile treaty that had been signed last year. See http://www.foxnews.com/

for details. It seems the current administration has decided that the US might not go along with its previous plans for the deployment of missiles in Poland. Of course the fact that an agreement and a treaty was signed apparently has little meaning to our new president. The Polish minister was quoted as saying their country did not trust the United States to live up to their obligations. Way to go, Team Obama.

Next up is Mexico. As we know their economy is not in the best of shape and anything to disrupt their current efforts only makes the ever increasing drug cartels stronger. But no matter that the United States signed a agreement called NAFTA some years ago to promote trade, our man Obama is once again Johnny-on-the-spot in declaring parts of the agreement to be anti-labor unions in the US. So, what does Mexico do’ Well, they retaliate by slapping us with tariffs on importation of our products. Boy, does this make a lot of sense’Of course Obama has to dance with the one who brought him and I’m certain the teamsters are sending notes to his Blackberry right and left. http://www.time.com/

How can I forget Canada’Obama’s advisor, Larry Summers states that ‘I hope he (Obama) doesn’t believe what he says’. http://www.politico.com/

Say what’One of your closest advisors is hoping you don’t really believe what you are saying’I’m sorry; I must be missing something here. If you are the leader of the greatest super power on our planet, shouldn’t people take you serious when you say something’Isn’t part of your job description your ability to be believed when you say something’What do you think would have happened in 1940 if FDR had told the French and the British that ‘we are here to help’ and then changed his mind later and said something like… ‘I was only kidding’ you guys go on ahead and fight Hitler by yourself.

I am running out of time and have to finish up by referring to Obama and his ever increasing adversarial roles with France, Germany, Russia and oh, yes… China. When the French start lecturing us (The US) on how to CUT taxes and improve the business community, you know the world has indeed gone mad. The upcoming G20 summit should be an opportunity for those more in tune with reality to upstage Obama’s quest for ‘entertainer of the year’. http://seekingalpha.com

Stayed tuned, interesting days we live in.