This year’s presidential election has got the entire country riled up and monopolizing our daily conversations. McCain threw everyone for a loop when he named a WOMAN to be his vice-presidential choice.

The nerve of him….picking someone the media had no clue about before his announcement. That’s just not fair. That makes the left wingers have to scramble to dig up any and all dirt possible on someone that brings not a breath of fresh air but a hurricane of freshness into an otherwise lame race for the White House.

Let’s see, where to start’Well, for a study in contrast, Google up US Magazine and see what happens…Take a look at the hatchet job they have done on Mrs. Palin compared to the glowing cover story on Barack Obama.

Perhaps it’s the sense of fairness that lives within me that makes my blood boil when I see injustice in action. Take the National Organization of Women….have you ever seen or heard of them making any kind of protest over prostitution in Nevada or strip clubs’Or PETA who will rally and protest over the killing of a whale but says nothing about the abortion of millions of children. No, not a peep.

Now we have a WOMAN, who could, just could …end up being the president of the United States in a few short years and the fire and fury of the media has begun to raise its ugly head.

Points to consider:

The other night when Mrs. Palin made her acceptance speech, there was widespread criticism about ‘she used a prepared speech’. Well, duh….who doesn’t’What politician in recent times hasn’t’Do they point out that Obama’s speeches are written for him as well and that he cannot string three words together without saying ‘uh, uh…’ if he doesn’t have a teleprompter’

They criticized her hair style and said it looked as if she had been wearing it for twenty years. One comment said there wasn’t any way she could be president since a lack of current hair styles shows how much she is out of touch with fashion styles. Give me a break. Since when does the cut of your hair have anything whatsoever with your administrative abilities’

As long as I can remember the Democrats have been against ‘the little woman at home’ concept. They have preached for years that a woman can work and have a home life at the same time. The idea of a woman staying at home and taking care of her family while she washes, cooks and cleans has been a standard plank in their ‘equality’ platform. Now, they are rising up to throw stones at Ms. Palin by saying since she has 5 children, her place is at home taking care of her husband and those little babies. As I recall Nancy Pelosi also has 5 kids… one said anything about them when she got elected speaker of the house.

Can you believe Mrs. Palin has a pregnant unmarried daughter’Oh, the shame of it all. Several pundits have said that if Mrs. Palin was more concerned over her family instead of politics, she might have been able to prevent this from occurring. I find comments such as these to been offensive coming from a culture that revels in unmarried couples having multiple children before they ever consider marriage. Think Hollywood. The last I looked I recall a certain segment of the Democratic base had an unwed mother rate of about 60%…I haven’t heard the media chastise anyone over this bit of reality.

Several commentaries said the attention on Mrs. Palin’s unmarried, yet pregnant, daughter was bound to place a lot of stress on her and could have long term damaging effects to this young lady. Maybe I’m wrong, but I seem to recall a Democratic President several years ago, who had an affair with an intern in the White House that resulted in an impeachment trial. I must be getting old and forgetful, but I can’t recall anyone alleging that this had any negative effects upon the President’s daughter. I’ll bet you can’t either.

Oh, I forgot…..any ‘personal’ comments about any Democrats are ‘off limits’ since this is their private life. Kind of like the fact that the liberal news media knew about the John Edwards affair but choose not to disclose it since it was their own personal and private business. Wasn’t he in the race for the Democratic nomination’silly me, what was I thinking to imagine I had a right to know about his ‘personal’ life.

Last but not least are the comments being circulated about Sarah’s husbands DUI arrest over twenty years ago. He was twenty two years old at the time and had not married Sarah. Of course this item is getting lots of news coverage, whereas the revelation that Obama made concerning his dope days has not raised a ripple. “Obama was a young man at the time” one of the liberal apologists said. I don’t think Mr. Palin’s DUI resulted in anyone getting hurt or dying, but the same cannot be said for the darling of the Democratic Party…Senator Ted Kennedy Oops, there goes that private thing again.. I keep forgetting that everything they do is personal and private and everything a Republican does is fodder for the cannons.

Call me crazy, but don’t forget to call me for dinner….I need to just ride this out and go with the flow. Time will take care of all of this.

I hope this is true……