Is it time for the holidays already’ My internal clock says it’s still about April. What has happened to this year’ It’s gone by entirely too fast if you ask me. The years seem to go by so much faster these days than years ago.

I also would like to pick a bone with the merchants who start the holiday season way too early in the year. Last night I was getting home from a business trip and the airports were already playing Christmas music. I noticed the lights and garlands were on the street lights as I drove home. It isn’t Christmas until after Thanksgiving as far as I’ m concerned. Let’s get one over before we start the next one, ok’

I mean if we’ re going to just clump everything together, then how about a new plan’ Let’s break the holidays into six month segments. The first six months we’d have something along the lines of NewValentinesMotherDadEasterMemorialIndependence season. Gifts of hearts and fireworks would be acceptable all season long. Everybody would be happy.

The second half of the year would bring LaborHalloweenThankfulChristmas season. Decorating your tree in orange and black would be acceptable during these six months. Also having your lights up would be ok from September through December. Some of us do that part anyway.

I believe my plan would eliminate a lot of confusion and reduce the amount of stress we place upon ourselves in trying to observe these holidays. You go to the card racks at the store and look at the number of cards for all of the different occasions. You can go blind just standing there trying to figure out what to buy. But, if there was a general purpose all around card that you could use for multiple events, look at how much easier your life would be. You could have a check off box to use where you’d just put a mark beside what holiday you wanted to observe. It would make your life so much simpler. You’d have the ability to combine holidays to fit your schedule on the days you wanted to have them observed. Think of it, you could buy a present for your mom and dad, take them to dinner on the same day and be done with it without hurting anyone’s feelings. Makes sense to me.

This is what we need, less stress and a simpler lifestyle. In spite of all of the time saving tools we have around us each day, we still seem to be busier than ever and have less free time to enjoy life. By the time you get to the age where you want to stop and smell the roses, your nose has given out and the blooms have wilted.

There was an old saying that went something like’ the hurryider I go, the behinder I get. As I said before, here it is the week of Thanksgiving and I’ m still stuck in the first half of the year. Well, enough of that nonsense, I’ m thankful for my family, my friends, my health and my country. I’ m proud that we live in a country where we feel free enough to criticize one another over how the country should or should not be run. I’ m proud we live in a country where we are free to admit our mistakes and try to do something to fix them as the days go by. I trust you are thankful as well.

Pay no attention to my griping and moaning about being too busy. I love it and I’ m thankful that I can still get on planes and go half way around the world and be glad about it.

Take a moment this week to look around you. Hug your wife or husband and tell your kids how much you love them. Try to eat less and exercise more, I am. Take time to talk to someone and even more time to listen to someone else.

The days go by fast and it gets away from us before you know it. Be thankful for the time you have and who you have it with. Happy Thanksgiving.