Just get out, we need to build a Wal-Mart

“Coming soon to your neighborhood!”
“Nazi Troopers wanting your house”
“Just get out, we need to build a Wal-Mart”

Yes, friends, we have hit an all time low with the decision made last week by the Supremes regarding the right of local governments to take your home for use by another private party.

Is this great or what’ We used to use the theory and practice of eminent domain to allow our government to condemn private property for public use. If a school, road or highway needed to be built then this was a method to be used for this purpose. This made sense; it was for the benefit and the good of all private citizens not some other private entity.

Now, thanks to the fabulous Supremes, that right to our property has been taken away. So, if you live in a neighborhood that might not be to the liking of your local government for some reason or another, then guess what’ Yes, friend your castle, your homestead, your domicile can be taken from you and transformed into a sports stadium, Disneyland or shopping mall. Not only can this happen, but there isn’t any hard and fast rule that says the governing authority has to pay you fair market value for your residence or business.

The ink on the ruling had not dried before the city fathers in Freeport, Texas announced their intention to take a 65-year-old seafood business and convert it into a marina and shopping mall. The mayor of Freeport says,” it’s just about money.”

Well, duh!!!

Of course, it’s about money. What else could it be’ Here is some guy who has been in business since the 1940’s and is now having the city telling him that they want his property so another private, not public, owner can come in and build on his current site. Is this fair or what’ The city contends that the new owner would pay more in tax so the deal is a better one for the city that what they are currently receiving from the seafood company.

How about this’suppose some voting precinct, sitting on some piece of choice real estate, in some town votes against the current administration. What’s to prevent the governing fathers from retaliating by condemning their property and building a new shopping mall or giant mega store’ Nothing, absolutely nothing.

So, now we have Robert and Rachael Retiree, living in the home they bought 25 years ago waiting for the knock on the door to tell them their time has come and they have to move out. Oh sure, they can fight the matter and hire an attorney. Have you done this lately’ Try $250 to $400 per hour, if you’re lucky, with no guarantees of any sort that you’ll prevail or even get heard by anyone who might be in sympathy with you. Good luck on that one.

American justice in the courts’ That’s in the movies, not in real life.

Show me someone who thinks this is a good deal and I’ll show you someone who would have thought Hitler was a visionary.