ve noticed that over the years my columns have swung from humorous and satirical to more, shall we say’ political. It wasn’t intended to be that way, but during the week while I’ m thinking of subjects to write about, the government continues to be a never-ending source of new material which diverts me away from humor.

In today’s perilous times and ever tightening economy it might come to you as a surprise to learn that we have over 139,000 illegal immigrants in this country that cannot be deported back to their home countries due to one simple reason.

Their home countries won’t accept them back into their countries.

Yes, Bunkie you heard me correctly, the countries of Vietnam, Jamaica, China, India, Ethiopia, Laos, Eritrea and Iran refuse to accept any of their citizens back into their country even though they are here illegally. Now, this comes at the same time that we are allowing immigrants from these countries to be admitted legally under our system. So, we’ re doing a favor to these countries by legally accepting those who want to immigrant legally, but when we try to deport those who are here illegally, these nations refuse to allow them to return.

It gets worse.

Included in the numbers I have given to you are 18,000 convicted felons. This group is made up of those who have been convicted of various crimes and who have served their sentences in our jails and prisons. Once they are released from confinement, they can only be held for a period of six months while their deportation orders are prepared. Once the six months is over and their home countries refuse to accept these convicted felons back into their countries, our country has no choice but to release them back into our general society. As I said, at last count, in February, there were over 18,000 of these roaming around our land.

Warms your heart doesn’t it’

It gets worser (‘ )

Since these illegal persons as well as the convicted felons cannot obtain any sort of work permits or visas, how do you think they earn any living’ You got it’ on welfare and government handouts. Your tax money and mine. All of the people in these categories qualify for aid and assistance for as long as they are in this country. This may be for the rest of their lives, or for as long as their native countries refuse to accept them back into their country.

In addition to our allowing legal immigrants from these eight (there may be more) countries into the United States, in some cases we are still giving out foreign aid to these countries as well. So, to sum it up, we have at least eight nations refusing to accept their citizens back into their countries, we pay for their room and board and living expenses and we give the offending nations foreign aid each year.

As Riley used to say What a revolting development this is

Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Senator John Cornyn of Texas are reviewing this matter and looking at legislation that would punish the offending countries by refusing to issue any more visas for immigration and deny foreign aid. About time if you ask me.

Hello’ Is anyone there’ I mean I would have thought this was a no brainer. What’s happened to our country’ It seems we have become a nation of wusses who are destined to become the doormat for the entire world. Our backbone seems to have gotten up and gone. As a nation we seem to desire to be everyone’s ‘ pal’ rather than a strong sovereign nation who once led the world in so many areas. It’s no small wonder that we are so disliked in so many places, we seem to have lost our wiliness to stand up for our core beliefs. If in fact we even know what those core beliefs still are.

Rodney Dangerfield once said… ‘ I get no respect maybe he didn’t deserve any .can the same be said for all of us’

I hope not.