To get your mind off of the upcoming election, I thought I would throw in a little humor this week. When will this be over’ It seems like it’s been going on for at least a full year.

My 50 year high school reunion is coming up in about 18 months or so. Between now and then there are several things that I must get done.

First of all, I need to lose about fifty pounds. I weighed 112 when I graduated, but I think that would be impossible for me to realistically achieve unless I stopped eating altogether for the remaining period of time. Even then I don’t think I would make it or if I did I would have to be wheeled in with all sorts of tubes and bags hanging on me. Not a good impression. This might have a dampening effect on the whole party.

Next, I have to have a hair transplant and a full face lift. I need to do this in the not so distant future since I want the scars to heal and for the surgery not to be so obvious. I think hair transplants such as the one Joe Biden got are really terrible, so I need to research what looks super natural. Oh, and I’ll need at least 5 hours a day in the gym to tone and muscle up my sagging body.

The last and probably most important part of this plan is to make a huge amount of money to pay for all of the items I’ve outlined above. Of course you have to allow for a complete new wardrobe for both my wife and myself. The money part is probably the stickiest part of my plan.

I realize I should have gotten started earlier, but some things just kept getting in the way.

Among them were kids and grandkids, jobs, houses, parents, taxes, health, school, and a raft of other things that seemed to occupy my time for these past 50 years. I sit back and think to myself that it sure seemed as if it flew by in a hurry. Just the other day it was 1960 and here it is 2008 already. Whoa, that was quick.

I think the last reunion I went to was my 25th. Someone on the organization committee had printed the name tags in red ink. Trust me; you don’t want to do this. No one at the 25th wanted to be seen wearing glasses and the red ink in a dimly lit ballroom made the names virtually impossible to read. So, everyone ended up squinting and trying to grab a glimpse on the sly.

Of course it didn’t help that everyone had changed. Few of us looked like we did at age 18.

I don’t know why, but when I look in the mirror I see the same person I have always been. It’s when I am trying to run up several flights of stairs or lift heavy objects that my body tends to fail. I’ve also noticed that my eyesight isn’t as sharp as it was before and my wife tells me I need to invest in a hearing aid. I choose to believe I have selective hearing and will put off the hearing aid as long as I can.

The good news is that I think by this stage of the game, everyone should be past the point of trying to impress everyone else. No limo’s or other nonsense like that. No by this time in our lives I think all of us would be wearing sensible shoes with good arch supports as well as comfortable loose fitting clothing. Instead of your athletic prowess you should be glad to show that you still have all of your own teeth. As well as other material parts of your body.

Growing old or older certainly isn’t a lot of fun but it beats not growing older. I met a guy at lunch today who was 88 and says he is still trying to figure out what to do when he grows up. I want this to be my attitude. So many people are concerned over what other people will think of them and to be honest no one really cares. No one today will probably recall what you did or said 15 or 20 years from now.

Unless it was totally bizarre like my concept of a total body makeover and billionaire status within the next 18 months.

Now that would get people’s attention. I just wonder if I have enough time to pull it off.

Probably not.