You would think that with all of the lay-offs, business closures and what not happening around the country, that the people still working would have some sense of urgency about them concerning their jobs. I’ m not finding this to be true.

In fact, I am beginning to think the world is actually going mad. Slowly, but surely.

We finally sold our house, it took almost two years, but we did it. Yesterday I called the storage place where I have a storeroom. I asked them if a five by five was the smallest they had. They said yes it was. I asked how much and they said it was sixty dollars a month. I told them I already had a five by ten at their place and it was only costing me fifty dollars a month. They guy didn’t bat an eye and said Yep, doesn’t make any sense does it’ but that’s the rates.’ I believe I will stick with what I have.

Took my laptop in for repairs. They said they could have it for me in about four or five days. I told the folks that I was going to be out of town for a couple of weeks and for them to take their time. That was a big mistake. I called yesterday to see if I could pick it up and they said in a couple of weeks.we’ re running behind.’ Why tell me four or five days, when it’s going to end up being a month’ This will be the last time I go to this place.

After you sell a house, you have to find someplace to move. So, I call a new apartment complex just down the road from us. The lady answers the phone and I tell her I am looking for a two bedroom with two baths. She says she has it. I ask her how much and she tells me they start at $1400 a month and go to $1900 a month. I ask her how big these units are. She tells me again They are two bedrooms with two baths.’ I tell her I want to know the square footage of the units. Obviously, two bedrooms with two baths in 2,000 square feet is a lot different than two bedrooms with two baths in 600 square feet. The young lady didn’t know and really didn’t seem to care that I was asking.

I called another realtor to ask about a house for lease. His company had one for lease in the paper, but did not list the square footage. I call him and ask how big the house is, he tells me. I tell him it’s too small. He says ‘ OK’ and hangs up. Doesn’t take my name or ask me what size I was looking for. All of the realtors have access to databases that tell them where the houses are, so it wouldn’t be any big deal for him to type in my size and pull up the listing that might work. I guess in today’s economy he must be making so much money he doesn’t need anymore.

Now when you are looking for a house to lease, you do the same things that you do when you are buying one. You drive around neighborhoods and write down phone numbers of the houses that have ‘ for lease’signs in the yard. This is not rocket science. Then you call the agents whose names are listed on the signs and you say something simple like Can I see the house you have for lease at 1234 Main St More often then not, you get someone’s voice mail with a message that ‘ they will get back to you as soon as they can. This usually means about forty eight hours or not at all. When they do return your calls you have to listen to a variety of excuses as to why they can’t meet with you anytime soon. Their excuses range from. ‘ My son has tee ball this afternoon’to ‘ I have to get my hair done’ to ‘ I don’t know if I have that listed or not

Sometimes I feel as if I would get more intelligent answers if I were asking about some television program such as ‘ 24’ or ‘ American Idol’ than something to do with real life. How do these people make any money..or better yet’do they’some how I don’t think so.