Usually sometime during the week, I’ll generally observe something that strikes me as odd or unusual and this gives me enough fodder to compose this column. This week I was either dull, slow or both since here it is Sunday and I find myself sitting here trying to figure out what the heck this column should be about. Fortunately I keep a little list of things that I think might be worth developing into something worthwhile to read. So, the one that happens to hit me today is about comic strips. You know the ones in the newspaper. Now, I will not get into my opinion about what I think of today’s ‘ funny’ papers. I for one don’t think too many of them today are all that humorous, but then again that’s only my opinion, for what it’s worth. But then again what do I know’

Anyway, the comics seem to in three distinct groups. One is truly light and humorous. Another group is very deep and socially minded. And the final are the fantasy features. Now, what I’d like to discuss today are those fantasy features. You know those that have Superman, Spiderman and the like as the main action heroes. I know, I know, these are only cartoons, but still if you think about it.these do stretch common sense don’t they’ For example. Is Lois lane so dense that she can’t figure out that she never sees Clark Kent and Superman at the same time’ It’s either one or the other, but not both. This has always puzzled me from the start. I remember reading this stuff when I was a kid years ago. You’d think by now that she would wise up to the fact that if she is out to dinner with old Clark and some bad disaster arises that requires Superman’s attention, Clark is heading out the door for some weird reason or another. By now, she should have put two and two together and get suspicious when Clark had to leave with another upset stomach. After all they have hospitals and doctors who’ll give out medicine for constant acid reflux. I’d call 40 years a constant problem, wouldn’t you’ Another thing, old Lois works for a newspaper doesn’t she’ Well, it would appear that she isn’t really astute if she can’t see that each night she is out on a date with Clark, who disappears, then the next day the paper writes about some terrific superhuman feat that Superman performed.

I haven’t watched any of the Superman movies or tv shows, so maybe all of this has been taken care of. My knowledge is limited to just the comic strip. Where does Superman keep his cape’ If I tried to fold up a cape that size and wear it under my shirt and suit coat, it’d stick out like a sore thumb. Besides isn’t it awfully hot’ Everyone would look at me and ask. ‘ Why do you wear your coat all of the time and ‘ Hey, Peary what’s under your shirt Especially since Superman wears bright red and blue stuff. Not things you can hide under a white shirt. Unless the shirt is about 2 inches thick. When have you ever seen Superman wash that outfit’ Never. In over 50 years, I’ve never seen him take the thing into the cleaners or put it in a washing machine. Well, enough about him. Just look at Spiderman. He lives in an apartment in downtown somewhere. Now I know that folks in big metropolitan cities don’t like to get involved in other people’s affairs, but this is ridiculous. Spidey is seen leaping out of his apartment window at all hours of the day and night in his uniform and no one notices or says anything’ Give me a break. He has these web things that he sprays on to walls to get him from one point to another. No one sees those and follows them back to where he lives’ Get real. Now, he does have a girl friend, so I guess he does get his laundry taken care of from time to time, but what keeps her from telling her story’she’s a major asset for the talk shows. The View would love to get their hands on her. She’d be an instant star. ‘ I lived with a Spider.’ Or ‘ My son’s father was a real spider.’ They could even do I found myself in his web I think I’ll stop about here and start to work on what I want to write about next week. This has gone on too long and isn’t healthy for me. Have a good week. As I have always said’send your good comments and story suggestions to me at Send all of your complaints and negative or nasty comments to me in care of Dr. Pepper, general delivery, Waco, TX. I have to have a urine test next week for my upcoming knee surgery and I’ m starting to study for it tonight.

Keep those cards and letters coming.I’ll stop by the post office and see if there is any mail for me. Maybe I’ll wear a cape just to see if anyone will notice. I bet they don’t.