Free money, free healthcare, free education, free love….free…free….free…..


Let the good times roll.

I would be willing to bet a dollar to a donut hole that the folks who are running around in sheer ecstasy thinking about change for the old US of A have never owned a business or had to run a business. Trust me, there ain’t no free lunch.

There never has and there never will be. One of the first rules of Perry Pervasive Philosophy is that nothing comes to you in any way shape or form without a price.

Grace isn’t free, neither is anything else….everything costs something to someone. Christ had to pay for our sins in order for us to receive his grace. So, is it free’ Not hardly, there was a price. There is a price to everything, no matter how free it sounds or appears. Don’t be fooled.

How far do the kool aid drinkers in this country think we can go without a healthy business related economy to pay for what we have much less what they want to give away’Show me how the great society produced anything great’We have more of our citizens on welfare and handout programs today than when it was first started in 1964. Have we achieved any success’Has our education levels in this country gone up or down’Do we have more divorce than we did in 1964’Do we have more single family parents’Do we have more crime’How have we provided real jobs for our young people’

Jobs that have more meaning than “You want fries with that’”

So where have all of our jobs gone’Look around Bunkie and wake up to India, China and Mexico where people actually want to work for an employer. They are looking for an opportunity, not a handout. They are looking for a way out and a way up… not a way to sue their boss because he or she makes a compliment about your dress or your suit. They start the interview hoping for the chance to get the job, not making inquiries about their vacations and sick leave.

People always say that you aren’t concerned over anyone’s ox until it’s yours that is in the ditch. People who are against gun control get concerned once they get mugged or robbed. People who are opposed to tighter liability insurance limits get concerned when it’s their cars that are totaled by a non-insured driver. People who want to scream and rant and rave about police brutality are the first to complain when they dial 911 and it takes more than three minutes to have an officer arrive on the scene.

When you go back and look at history as I do, it’s a wonder we ever prevailed in World War II. First off, our military was at a very low ebb, we had no ongoing weapons development programs to speak of and the general attitude in this country about what was happening in Europe was a sort of ‘ho, hum….not our fight.’ The pacifists in this country did not want us to help or be involved in the fight going on outside of the United States. All of that changed on December 7th, 1941. I doubt many high school students of today even know what December 7th, 1941 meant to this country. It isn’t politically correct to discuss those types of things in the classroom today; too many feelings might get hurt.

But we did prevail, we mobilized, we converted factories from making washing machines to making tanks and machine guns almost overnight. We turned out Liberty Ships from start to finish in as little as one day. Imagine building an entire ship in just one day. We did it then.

Could we do it again’

God, I’d like to think so.

But, before you get all weepy and grabbing your flag …think what is going to happen if we choose the road some of our leaders are proposing for us. Tighter controls on business, higher taxes, more governmental regulation and oversight, ‘dialog’ with those who are our sworn enemies and the enemies of our allies, reduce our military strength and seek to appease those who do not like us for a multitude of reasons.

Sound anything like our country before December 7th, 1941′

If we destroy the capitalistic mentality in this country and make profits a four letter word, the next December 7th will produce an economic meltdown so huge this nation could never recover.

Which is exactly what those who hate us would love to see.