You can take me to court, you can charge me, you can try and convict me..but I still won’t change.

This coming Sunday is Easter.

Not ‘spring Holiday not ‘spring Break’ or something else’ it’s Easter.

You can call it whatever you like’ it doesn’t bother me if you do so. I want to call it by the name I have lived with all of my life. This coming holiday to me is Easter.

It’s almost at the point in my life where I think I’d like to start a movement to change the term ‘ politically correct’ to be called ‘ politically incorrect.’ The last time I looked we were living in the United States of America. I was under the impression, although I might be mistaken, that I could say and do things as I choose to do so, as long as they did not hurt others. I think this is called our freedom of speech. I am tired of other people telling me what is politically correct or incorrect. I think that is up to each of us to choose for themselves.

I realize there are some limitations to this freedom. For example, you cannot shout ‘ fire’ in theaters or incite people to riots’stuff like that. However, if I choose to call a holiday Easter, then isn’t that my choice, not yours’ You can call it what you wish and it doesn’t bother me, but let’s not criticize one or the other.


On the news this morning, there was a loud and divisive discussion over some student who had invited some classmates to an Easter party. The school administration became upset over her use of the word’ Easter. They advised that she had erred in placing a religious emphasis on a social function on school property. Now, I find this amusing since many of the schools around the nation certainly allow for the celebration of Halloween (All Hallows Eve or All Saints Day) which certainly started off having religious roots.

While I respect the rights of any person to believe as they wish, and to worship how they wish, I do not nor would I become offended if someone asked me to attend a Passover celebration or any other celebration the person happened to believe in. I have the right to say no, if I did not want to attend. They can call their holidays whatever they want, just let me do the same. As Founding Father James Madison wrote in Federalist 10, ‘ As long as the reason of man continues fallible, and he is at liberty to exercise it, different opinions will be formed.’

Amen to that.

I hope the word ‘ Amen’didn’t offend anyone, but then again I really don’t care.

If the schools are so hung up on terminology regarding the diversity of religious beliefs of their student body, then how about this’

Let’s eliminate school holidays altogether. Get rid of all of them, throw them out the door. Why argue over them in the first place’stop closing up those weeks in December and Spring’ keep those kids in classes where they can learn’ bring up those test scores….Make them go to class on the last Thursday in November. Why be thankful’ Thankful for what’ Thankful to who’

Our kids are far behind the curve on education as compared to students in other parts of the world. Now is an ideal time to play catch up and get back on track so we can emerge as a productive world power. The school districts shouldn’t mind losing these days off. After all why take days off for something you don’t believe in’

I mean, it just doesn’t make any sense to set down and try to reason with the various religious groups and come up with a plan to give everyone a break from school or work at the same time, does it’ No, that’s make too much sense. That’s called logic and logic seldom fits into governmental agencies, does it’

If we eliminate holidays’ then the students can graduate earlier and enter the workplace that much sooner. Then they can marry and have children of their own and then be able to express their opinions for themselves. Instead of some governmental hack who is devoid of common sense or purpose.

They can also vote on school board members and our legislators. Wow, that’s a scary thought isn’t it’