Depending upon which section of the newspaper you read on any given day, you’ll find that the current estimate of the age of the universe is somewhere between 14 and 16.5 billion years.

As I recall, several years ago, that estimate was along the lines of some 4 or 5 billion years ago, seems they must have found some new data that made them change their minds. Of course, it could just be some sort of mathematical error, perhaps a misplaced decimal that could account for this slight deviation.

In any event it constantly amazes me that the numbers just keep climbing higher and higher as the years go by. Before long, it may come as no big shock to anyone that the universe is close to a trillion years old. Who really knows’

My point is to simply illustrate the fact that we may never know any more about how the whole thing got started in the first place and where it all might end up. I’ve always thought it’s simply too large of a problem for any of us to comprehend. As in when you got to the very end of space, what’s on the other side’Or what was here before anything else was’

Having said all of this… let me get to the crux of this weeks column which is simply that I believe the theory of evolution is just pure bunk. No matter what science or the stars tell us, I cannot believe that we started out as some simple one celled creatures who got flung up onto some muddy shore and then started walking, cooking and building computers after only a few millions years.

If and I mean if, we were to have developed along these lines, then it occurs to me that we should have evolved into just one species and one sex, not the two that we presently have in our inventory. It makes logical sense to me that mankind (no offense to women) should have just plodded along for millions of years while developing the skills and techniques necessary to reproduce and survive by oneself rather than needing two separate organisms. At what point in history did nature decide that we needed both a male and a female to survive’Why not just one or the other’

Besides, if we are to truly believe in evolution, then it would certainly seem to me that the two sexes would be more alike than they would be different. If we are to believe that two species evolved over a period of millions of years, then shouldn’t they be more similar’

Here are two very good examples of this element of being dissimilar.

Directions – We all know that men will not, or can not stop and ask for directions. To do so would admit that they are lost or at least confused and don’t really know where they are or which way to go. This is a trait handed down for generations and is in their genetic code. This code is as difficult to break as it is to ask a male to stop watching sports or belching after they drink several beers. These are simple rules of nature. Women on the other hand, will stop every half mile to ask if they are going in the right direction. They are unable to comprehend the shame in this and do so in complete innocence. An entire industry of service station attendants has been wiped out due to this practice. Service station owners across the world saw how much time giving directions to damsels in distress cost them in terms of lost productivity that they eliminated the positions altogether and substituted one person locked inside of a bulletproof cubical. I can only guess that God has a very big hand in this since he seemed to condone this type of activity in the first place by using Moses to lead the Nation of Israel out of Egypt where they wandered around for forty years. If God had assigned the navigational duties to Moses’ wife, they would have made the promise land in about two weeks.

Loading the dishwasher – this appliance has probably causes more in home arguments than any other labor saving device invented. Men want to load that sucker up with everything dirty. Isn’t it called a DISH WASHER’In any order, regarding of shape or size. We like to hide stuff, just to see if it will come out clean. Women have a mental aversion to random loading and follow a plan that would do justice to someone putting cargo on a ship or airplane for the first time. A place for everything and everything in its place. Dish, dish, dish, saucer, saucer, saucer, cup, cup, cup….knives, forks and spoons all in order. Do not ever put a plastic glass on the bottom shelf. Men want to test the hardness of the plastic to see if it can take the heat and still come out looking like a drinking glass.

Now, while you’re sitting there laughing at what I’ve just written, think back to what I said earlier. How can two species evolve at the same rate of maturity, but with such completely different concepts of common problems’

I bet there is some huge amount of grant money to study this if I could just figure out how to write the grant proposal.

I’d ask my wife, but then I’d have to admit I don’t know how.