Every time the Congress goes into session, I tend to ask one question.


It seems to me that we already have an overabundance of laws on our books at this time without making more. We should just issue a moratorium on law making for some period, say ten years or so. That should be enough for a starter.

For your continued amusement and entertainment I have researched some of the current laws on the books in our great state of Texas. Don’t laugh when you read these, since most of the other states have ones that are equally as dumb or dumber.

Lets start off with one for Austin’..you can’t carry wire cutters in your pocket. Must be a holdover from the frontier days when fence cutting was a big deal.

In Houston, you cannot buy beer after midnight on Sunday, but you buy beer on Monday. I suppose they have a different calendar over there, I always thought after midnight Sunday was Monday.

Don’t swallow more than three gulps of beer at a time in Lefors, Texas’.it’s illegal.

It’s legal for a blind person to go hunting as long as they have someone with them who isn’t blind. Sounds reasonable to me.

In Jasper dogs must be on a lease at all times’..I guess this means in the house as well, don’t you’

This one sounds kind of hokey’.says that it is legal to commit a homicide as long as you tell the person when and how you are going to kill them. I’m not sure I believe that one.

You can’t drive without windshield wipers, but you can drive without a windshield.

Corpus Christi won’t let you raise alligators in your home. Guess they’re afraid of you flushing them down the toilet.

You cannot shoot a buffalo from the window of any second story hotel. I think that means downtown Dallas as well.

If you attend church, you must be recognizable; you cannot wear a disguise under any circumstances. How did that one get on the books’

Here is the last one for Texas’..you will go to jail for milking someone else’s cow.


I was about to give up and think I live in the craziest of States when I scrolled down to Utah’..try these on for size.


You can have a nuclear weapon; you just can’t detonate one in Utah. Isn’t this nice to know’

You are not allowed to hunt whales in Utah under any circumstances. Shouldn’t be much of a problem there.

And you can’t fish from while riding a horse. This might be a problem.

Birds have the right of way on all Utah highways.

Folks in Monroe, Utah cannot dance without having a certain amount of space between them.

Provo fines you $50 for throwing snowballs. They aren’t any fun.

Here’s a good one, you can marry your cousin if both of you are over fifty years of age.


OK, so that’s enough for our part of the country, how about something up north’


They aren’t so sane either. In Massachusetts, you cannot eat more than three sandwiches at a wake. Cuts down on costs.


In Boston, you aren’t allowed to take a bath unless you are under doctor’s orders to do so.


These make sense to me:


You cannot frighten a pigeon.

You cannot put tomatoes in clam chowder.

You cannot go to bed without taking a full bath. I bet this isn’t in Boston.

Diapers cannot be delivered on Sunday.

Children may smoke but cannot buy cigarettes.

Defacing a milk carton will result in a fine of $10.


These don’t:


In North Andover, you cannot use a space gun.

Peeping into the window of a parked car is illegal.

In Southbridge, you will go to jail for reading a newspaper on the street after 8pm.

Don’t eat peanuts in any court room if you don’t want to get arrested.

You cannot take a live lion to the movies. Nothing said about a dead one.


I have to stop here. I am losing my sense of humor. I suppose that must be illegal in some state. Don’t laugh; it might be illegal to do so wherever you are.


We have politicians to thank for these. God help us all.