Spies and Lies’

So riddle me this……why the big rush to ‘swap’ 10 Russian spies for one American’

Why are we in such a hurry to ship the ten we have in custody here in this country back to motherland Russia in exchange for one lonely computer engineering type who is (or was) being kept over there’

I mean this has been done in record time. As in less than two weeks from when the news first came out.

This is from the same administration that still cannot allow certain oil skimming resources to be deployed after almost 90 days of the greatest environmental disaster this country has ever seen’The folks in Louisiana must be sending their requests to the wrong department. The State Department and the FBI seem to be the agencies that are getting things done in quick time.

Or are they’

Check out this little piece that appeared in the London ‘Daily News’ on June 30th, just a couple of days after the story was made public:

According to the complaint, filed by Maria Ricci, a special agent with the Counterintelligence arm of the FBI, the spies:

  •  used advanced steganography software to send encrypted messages to each other by hiding them on publicly available websites.
  •  used short wave radios and codes to send messages to each other
  •  used Wi-Fi in cafes and bookshops to covertly communicate with Russian agents parked in a van close by
  •  used and perfected the ‘brush pass’, a clandestine way of handing over items as one person passes another, which is known as a ‘flash meeting’
  •  hoarded up to ‘50,000 in cash in their homes
  •  wrote messages in invisible ink that they sent to Russian agents in South America
  •  met an employee of the U.S. government with regards to nuclear weapons research and other high-ranking officials
  •  tried to get jobs in firms which gave them access to those who knew state secrets
  •  buried information in the ground which could later be picked up by other agents
  •  received money from an official associated with the Manhattan-based Permanent Mission to the United States
  •  used false documents to travel into and out of the United States and
  • Took the identities of dead Americans to help them carry out their mission.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1290475/Anna-Chapman-11-Russian-spies-accused-Cold-War-style-plot-US.html#ixzz0t6bJXwsl

I have highlighted two items I find most interesting. You certainly never heard any more about this employee or other high ranking officials of the US government or this official with the United States mission did you’No, I don’t think we did. Yet, here it is spelled out in the complaint from this FBI agent. Who were these people that these spies talked to or met with’Why aren’t we trying to uncover what else is going on in this matter’

You can bet that once the spy swap is completed, as early as today (Thursday 7/8/10) the files will be closed ‘in the interest of national security’….but why’

As they say…there is something rotten in Denmark…..and it looks to me that this whole deal stinks to high heaven. You can bet we will never know or hear anything more about this matter.

Someone, somewhere doesn’t want us to.