Get Over It……

I have to wonder at some folks who refuse to acknowledge the history of mankind and spend their time upset over past events.

In today’s paper is a letter to the editor from a lady saying that all of the states except the original thirteen colonies should not celebrate the Fourth of July since this holiday isn’t relative to their state. She goes on to say that ‘only through greed, elitism, and racism they (the rest of America) proceeded to violently take the land of others while denying these people their independence and sovereignty.’

In other words none of us in this country have any reason to celebrate our independence since we only obtained our lands in the manner she describes.

What a load of horse hockey.

I would like to point out to this lady, that if we were to adhere to her concept of non-aggression, then I would suggest to you that we (all six billion of us) would be living on top of each other somewhere in Ethiopia or wherever they consider the cradle of civilization began. Probably still in caves or sand dunes or whatever early mankind used for shelters.

Of course she probably thinks that if we did this then all mankind (both men and women) would have co-existed in peace and harmony for thousands of years without any strife or coveting of anyone’s property for any reason. No, I’m certain that in her mind the tribes having the greatest caves and warmest furs would have no reason to fear any type of attack or invasion by those less fortunate. In fact I feel certain this lady would gladly give up her hard fought comforts and improvements to those less fortunate so that they could all live in abject poverty together. Why have space and improvements for your family alone when you could easily share with twenty five others who choose to do nothing on their own and are willing to let you perform all of the work’

Kumbaya for all…..Peace, milk and cookies. Don’t take your guns to town son…leave your guns at home.

I do not know of any segment in the history of mankind where there were not sheep and wolves. The sheep get eaten by the wolves and their lands taken for their own purposes. Obviously I am using this as an example of human nature. The Christians conquered the Muslims, the Muslims conquered the Christians. The Mongols conquered everybody. The Romans conquered nearly everybody. The Spanish came to America. The natives of Mexico killed and maimed each other while fighting over portions of the country. The Native Americans (Indians) fought and conquered each other. The British fought the Colonists. The Germans and the Japanese fought the world. The poor fight the rich, the rich profit from the poor.

I wonder how this woman’s ancestors came to this country. Obviously since she is writing from a city in the southwest part of the United States, she herself must be considered to be a trespasser, an interloper … of those despicable creatures she describes and hates for their ruthless actions engaged in the actions associated with human societies since time began. No, I have to believe that somewhere some part of her heritage engaged in activities of ‘greed, elitism, and racism’.

Are these actions always proper’No, of course not. But they have existed and they continue to exist even in today’s world. This is the nature of both wolves and humans. There are struggles for power, control and dominance taking place all over the globe each and every day.

Would we wish it wasn’t so’Of course, we all would like to live in a peaceful world without the wolves. Will it ever happen’Not in my mind. Do we need to remember past events, certainly we do. Do we need to try and do better than those who didn’t’Of course we do. Do we need to blame all of those around us for events beyond our control or the control of anyone currently alive’I think not.

This lady as well as all of us needs to move forward and make the future a better place for all of us. Those who stand mired in the mud of past events will never be able to step freely into the future.