“Go out into the world…”

Let’s talk about being missionaries for a moment. If you are a Christian, then you will know what I mean. Christian groups send out missionaries to all parts of the world. Now hold that thought. Often I’ve asked people as they are starting on some journey to some faraway place if they have ever talked to their neighbors about their faith. Many times I get a blank look and it becomes obvious that they have not.

Now, let’s bring that into our current political situation. Since I’ve been writing these columns and blogs I’ve gotten a lot of advice from all parts of this country. Most of it has been very supportive and those folks agreed with what I have to say. But some folks are more prone to an ‘action now’ mentality. I’m not certain if I know what that is or if I care to know but for the most part it sounds illegal. Protests are fine, tea parties are fine, but armed insurrection, well…we aren’t there at this time. Case in point was the tea party demonstration last weekend when the healthcare bill came up for a vote. Princess Nancy Pelosi could have chosen to walk in the tunnel between her office and the Capital, but did she’No, she walked through the demonstrators carrying an oversized gavel as if to say… ‘In your face…we’re going to pass this thing whether you like it or not. ’

When they run that footage again, notice that Princess Pelosi has a guy behind her holding up two cell phones. You can bet they are on video record. IF there had been any slurs, spitting or such you can bet it would have taken about two minutes for that footage to hit the airways. But as of today, over a week later nothing has appeared. So where is it’It isn’t there. We don’t need it there either.

Even today, over one week later we have liberals still clinging to the idea that this healthcare bill is the greatest thing to ever come down the pike. This morning I got into a discussion with a yellow dog democrat who defended the bill but who had no idea of any facts or figures to support his position. When I confronted him about what is going to happen to the healthcare industry, he turned and walked away stating that he was confused about the whole issue.

My point is that for the next seven months we must all be missionaries and go into all the parts of our country and explain our positions to these poor disillusioned folks. We must work to inform ourselves of facts, not rumors or innuendo but hard core facts about the overall effects this piece of legislation will have upon our entire country for the years to come. We must have passion about what we believe. The bottom line is that Democrats are more swayed by emotions than by reality.

Emotion does not create jobs or increase the GDP. People who invest, and run businesses do those things. Sure we’d like to have our entire population to get healthcare. Who wouldn’t’We want all of our kids to have good educations, who wouldn’t’But giving it away without the revenue (not higher taxes, but higher revenue) to pay for it will not and has not worked in any country where it has been tried.

Look at Greece. Look at Ireland, Portugal and Spain. These are basically socialist countries who have allowed their entitlement programs to outstrip their growth. If they can’t do it how do the liberals think we can’Those four countries should be our gospel for what will happen to this country if we do not enact change by removing those in Washington who think giving things away forever comes without any price tags.

Ask your democratic neighbor to give you an example of a prospering socialistic country. Ask them to tell you how this country has improved the lives of our minorities since the beginning of the “Great Society”. Ask your neighbor why they voted for Obama and then point out all of the promises he has broken since he came into office over a year ago.

Do not allow your neighbor to fall back upon the Bush blame game and lay everything at the feet of our previous president. Just as you do when talking to people about your faith, arm yourselves with the truth and facts. Then go forth and spread the word. November will be here before you know it.