“Vote ‘em out…”

You know as you get older you start to notice things you probably overlooked in your younger years. Things like better offers on the things you buy if you were a first time user. You know what I mean, you sign up for a cell phone at ‘X’ dollars a month…..then after you’ve had it a couple of years, you see a new ad on TV for the same service but way cheaper than what you are paying, but the catch is …you have to be a ‘new’ user.

So, in some cases it actually makes sense to cancel your existing contract and start a new one for the better rate. It used to hack me when I would see insurance rates from my broker that were cheaper than I was paying. If I asked the broker I’d get told that this was their current rate and oh, yes they would lower mine…now that I asked.

The problem as far as I was concerned was that I had to ask. No one offered these deals to me before I asked. They didn’t seem to be looking out after me.

Well, friends it seems as if we have the same thing going on in the nation’s capital doesn’t it’

For the past couple of years the majority of Americans have been concerned over our rising national debt, the annual deficient, out of control spending and how can we get our economy back on track. Voters on November 2nd are expected to express their anger with the size and scope of our government and with their elected representatives. Most Americans feel as if their elected officials do nothing but pay lip service to their constituents when it comes to our concerns. The average voter is treated as a third class person not worthy of notice or concern by those inside the Beltway.

Yesterday the following was released by the White House:

The president has signaled that at the start of the New Year, he will speak more directly to the country about the financial choices ahead. “If we’re going to get serious about the deficit, then we’re going to have to look at everything: entitlements, defense spending, and revenues. … And that’s going to be a tough conversation,” he said.

You think’

Why weren’t they (both parties) doing this all along’They didn’t seem to be looking out for any of us, were they’

Why weren’t they looking at runaway spending’

Why weren’t they looking at defense cost overruns and more efficiency in the branches’

Why weren’t they weeding out governmental corruption’

Why weren’t they concerned over bloated programs that produce little, but cost much’

Why weren’t they concerned over self serving members cutting ‘insider’ deals’

Because they didn’t care…did they’

Now, with the midterm elections right around the corner, we are hearing the cries of ‘reform’….’reform’….and we are expected to vote the same tired old politicians who refused to listen to us as they cling to their plush jobs which might be slipping away.

This is not strictly a democratic party problem, no this is a problem for both parties. This is a problem of too little, too late and of lies, deceit and arrogance on the part of the elite elect. Their distain for the ‘common voter’ shows in their interviews and ‘off the record’ conversations.

Well, you know what’The time for playing games is over. The time to change the forces that don’t look after us to someone who does is almost here. You need to vote, you need to make certain your children vote, and your neighbors and your grandmother. Everyone needs to vote.

You have no right to complain if you don’t.

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