George (Washington) must be turning over in his grave…

What a week. What a travesty to this country. Rarely has anyone currently alive observed such an abuse of the political process as that which we have seen these past few days. It is almost too unbelievable to describe. When Princess Pelosi said we were watching history in the making. She was right. We have never seen abuse such as this before and I pray we never will again in the future.

Where to begin’There is so much to choose from. Let’s start with Vice President Biden who is always good for a laugh. He introduces the President and forgets that his microphone is own when he whispers to the anointed one that … “This is a big f****** deal.” Nice talk from the second in command of the United States. Here’s a role model for our kids. But I suppose our children shouldn’t be too upset, they hear this language on the television thanks to the liberals in Hollywood. Just another day at the office.

Princess Nancy has been grinning so hard since Sunday; it appears her face is frozen. I love her remarks about us having to pass the bill just so we can see what is in it. I didn’t know it has been working this way. I guess I always assumed that our elected representatives were supposed to read and discuss, even debate, pieces of legislation first, before they made it into a law. It just goes to show you how much I know.

Of course the special deals and perks which were given out in order to secure the 216 votes necessary to approve the legislation were just deemed as ‘ business as usual’. Nothing new, it’s done all of the time. Everyone does it. What’s the big deal’

I’m sure they are correct, it probably is ‘done’ all the time, but that doesn’t make it right, does it’I want laws passed because the people writing and voting on them agree with them not because they give up their votes for bribes. I want lawmakers to make decisions and pass or vote down pieces of legislation because this is what the people in their districts tell them to do, not for what is given for their votes. I want people running this country who have ethics and morals, not thugs and gangsters who slip in and out of back rooms with sex, lies and videotapes. That may be too harsh, perhaps I should have just said judgeships, hospital dollars and special exemptions to the rules.

Speaking of rules, how about that paragon of legislation named Alcee Hastings’While he is sitting on a rules committee the other day attempting to determine whether the healthcare bill would be legal to vote upon or not, he professes that “There are no rules, we have no rules, we make them up as we go along.” That really warms the cockles of my heart and I know it does yours as well.

What is sad to me is the fact that a large portion of our country labors under the misapprehension that the government can take care of us all from the cradle to the grave for free. It ain’t going to happen. It didn’t happen in Russia, China, North Korea or other communistic/socialistic countries and it won’t happen here. As a friend of mine said this morning… “when everyone is riding on the wagon, who will be pulling’” Think about it. Adding 32 million more people to a healthcare system that is already broke isn’t the answer. Fixing the problem for the existing one and then making some changes is the answer. The democrats believe that selling watermelons for 50 cents each when they cost you a dollar each means you need to buy a bigger truck in order to make some money.

The good news’The people are fired up and mad at what has just happened. Our challenge is to keep up the momentum and vote the rascals out. Keep those cards and letters coming, support anyone who is running that is not an incumbent at this time. Make those rallies….as they say in Texas….come early, stay late and be loud.

Remember the (ALAMO)—–All Lawmakers Are Moving Out