Health Care Hookers Gone Wild!!!

Donna Summer had a line in one of her songs that went like this… ‘I got what you want, you got what I need…beep, beep….’ This should be the theme song for the democrats who are changing their votes in favor of the healthcare bill this weekend.

I’m not sure I’ll have enough time and space to list all of them, but here are the ones we know about so far:

Nelson from Nebraska gets a deal to remove the citizens of his state from any healthcare payments. What about the other 49 states’

Landrieu of Louisiana gets 300 million taxpayer dollars for her vote.

The unions toss in their support in return for enhanced benefits and lower costs for union members.

2 California representatives get an EPA ruling changed for their districts for their vote.

Dennis Kucinich got a ride on Air Force One (wow!!!!)

Scott Matheson managed to secure a judgeship for his brother for his vote.

The State of North Dakota gets the only bank in the United States to provide student loans outside of the government.

The speaker has announced that democrats voting against the bill will not, WILL NOT receive any party funds to help them in the November elections.

The president has stated he will not, WILL NOT campaign for any democrat who votes against the bill.

Does the concept of Judas receiving 30 pieces of silver come to your mind’It does mine.

I’m certain there are many more that we don’t or won’t know about, but these are enough to make you sick to your stomach. Why not just buy off everyone, including the Republicans’Why not carve out a special deal for each and every vote you need for any piece of legislation in the future’Heck, it’s only money. We can always print more. We have tons of paper and ink and can keep the presses going 24/7 for 365 days a year just to keep you happy. The public be damned. Who cares what they think’Let’s get you rich and provide you with enough perks for the remainder of your life and not worry about the concept of fairness.

No, the concept of “by the people, for the people, and of the people” is on its way out the door. It’s to be replaced with “All for one, and all for me…” which will be shouted through the halls of both houses of the congress if this passes tomorrow.

The latest abomination is for the democrats to line up 217 votes, one more than needed. This is so their congressman can go home to their districts and proclaim that even if they had voted ‘no’ it wouldn’t have done any good since they only needed 216 to pass the matter.

What a shame these people think we are so stupid and dull that we cannot see past something this corrupt. At this time over 50% of the voting population in this country thinks all members should be thrown out and for congress to start over again with new faces.

Seems to me that was the basic idea back in 1776. ;