“And they’re off and running….”

Here we are here in the last week before the BIG vote on healthcare….or Obamacare or diastercare or runinationofamericacare. You call it whatever you want, but that’s what I choose and so far it’s still legal for me to express my opinion. This may change soon, so I need to be quick.

The president of this country came out today and announced that he will not campaign for any democrat who votes against this bill. In a way that may be a good thing after what happened in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts. The problem I have with this entire business is the sordid method in which this process has taken place. The voting on this bill is being influenced by bribes as well as payoffs to whoever and whatever with our money in order to secure the votes necessary for passage. I don’t care what you believe this is not right. Selling your vote for political largesse is the same as prostitution. You might call it politics; I call it being a whore.

I suspect that if you’re reading this column, you probably agree with me and don’t need any more lectures on what we must do to stop this horrible piece of legislation. Since no one has actually read all 2300 pages of this bill which has parts still unwritten, then the phrase taxation without representation comes to my mind. I happen to live in a Republican controlled district, so taking my congressman to task is not an option. He already has said he will vote no when it comes up.

What I will do is suggest that those friends and associates of mine who do live in a democratically controlled district keep calling, faxing, writing and e-mailing for as long as they have the strength to do so. Bear in mind that a lot of congressmen turn their fax machines off or don’t answer their phones to avoid talking to you. Do not give up, you must continue to push.

You and I know that this present administration is pulling out all of the stops to cajole and bribe anyone who is sitting on the fence and who remains uncommitted. Is this the American way’Is this ethical’No, of course not, but we’re dealing with people without ethics. People who justify the ends by whatever means possible. Treachery has no limits when it comes to the present day occupants of this White House. Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln must be turning in their graves.

I don’t need to tell you this; you already know it as well as anyone. What I would like to suggest to you is to bone up on the facts of this issue. For one thing, we all agree that the healthcare industry is broken and needs to be fixed. But there are ways to do so without bankrupting this country or promising favors to ever Tom, Dick and Harry congressperson that comes down the pike with their hand out. If you ever have owned a business, if you have ever worked for a for-profit business then I ask you… do you honestly think you can insure all of the people in this country with the same level of care we now have without the costs increasing’There are people out here who are na’e enough to believe this. These are the people who are more interested in what the folks attending the Academy Awards are wearing or talking about than they are interested in how their elected representatives are going to vote.

When the late night comedians do their ‘man on the street’ routines and ask questions such as … ‘Who is buried in Grant’s tomb’’ Or ‘can you give me the name of the vice-president of the United States’’ and they cannot make an intelligent answer, I cringe to think these are Americans who can actually vote. I am ashamed of them.

I have been remiss in these postings for the past week or so because of my dog being sick and in the hospital (see: https://pearyperry.com/letters.htm) but in spite of this, I think we cannot afford to give up the fight. We must press on with our opinions and our commitment to voting those out in November who take the bribes and vote in favor of this abomination.