“Fire them all…”

Over the past thirty or forty years, I’ve hired and fired a good number of people. Hiring is easy, firing is hard. When you’re hiring, you’re giving someone a chance and a hope that their actions (as well as yours) will lead everyone to a more productive lifestyle. Firing someone is somewhat more difficult since you know your actions are going to cause stress on someone’s life and most likely their family. If you hired someone by mistake (mine) and they really were not cut out for the job position, you could not help but feel sorry for them because you had to let them go. They should not have been hired in the first place, but often times you just were hoping they could pull it together and make the cut.

The only time you didn’t mind firing someone is when you had put your faith and trust in them and they have let you down. They either failed to do what they were hired to do or they were totally unresponsive to your instructions concerning their job descriptions. The folks who fit into this category were never an issue with me. Shame on them for taking my money and my time. Good riddance.

The people in Washington fit the second category. An argument can be made in light of Senator Bunning’s’ actions these past several days. Senator Bunning is not running for re-election and effectively stopped the extension of the unemployment payments by asking how the congress expected to pay for the benefits. For this he has been called every name in the book. The liberals have pounced on Senator Bunning as if he were the anti-Christ and the foulest monster known to mankind. The senator was merely asking the congress to live up to their own rules imposed a few weeks ago to pay for any new benefits ‘as you go’. It’s obvious the liberals (and some Republicans) are uncomfortable with actually putting this concept into action. Let’s talk a good game, but carry on business as usual. Meanwhile the national debt is approaching 13 trillion dollars and once the unfunded liabilities are factored in, we have a debt in this country equal to over 4 times our total gross domestic product. The various unfunded liabilities are as follows:

OASDI (Social Security) (7,677)
Medicare Part A (13,770)
Medicare Part B (17,165)
Medicare Part D (7,172)
Unfunded Liabilities (45,784)
Net Explicit Debt (11,456)
Total Debt and Unfunded Liabilities (57,240)
GDP 9/2009 14,242
Ratio 402%

Hiding some forms of debt is as old as the hills; anyone who has ever borrowed money for a corporation knows how this game is played. You lease rather than buy, and the balance of the lease is not shown anywhere, but believe me it’s there if you want to drop out and go home. A good CPA will tell you that accounting is an art not a science. The government employs the same people; they know how the shell game is played.

It appears so do the members of the United States Congress, they want to continue to play this old game until they get their money and head for the hills. They don’t think we’re smart enough to figure out what is happening. We’re too stupid to know anything or be able to do anything about their actions.

They are not listening to us. They are not paying attention to what we are saying. They are not following our directions.

They need to be fired.

They need to be replaced with individuals who will listen to what we’re saying to them. They need to respect the wishes and thoughts of the voters in their districts. Members of Congress ( Baron Hill) who make statements such as … “This is MY town hall meeting and you Will abide by MY rules…” (http://www.youtube.com/watch’v=HtmgQ2W3lhM) should be sent home and kicked out of their political revelry. This is not representation in any way shape or form. This is pure distain for the voting public.

Do not let this moment in time pass, keep up the pressure, talk to people, e-mail your friends, stop watching sit-coms and watch the news on every channel, make noise….if enough of us bang the drums…someone will hear.