“Come children….let me read you a story…”

Since my kids are all adults, I seldom get involved in getting overly concerned about who is running for the school boards in our area. I realize this is probably not the most American thing to do, but when you get older some things just slip away. Sue me.

But, in spite of all that is happening at this time in the land of Nod (Washington, D.C.) I think it is important to focus in on how governmental intervention is trying to creep into our personal lives. Take for example a web site called…Organizing for America…here’s the link. http://www.barackobama.com/

Now if you were to delve deeply into this site you’d find that this program advocates (among other things) some very serious learning guides for our children. A high school teacher in Massillon, Ohio handed out job applications to his students. The program has an ‘internship’ for young students to assist the president in various ways and means. To read the entire report go to:


So what’s the big deal you might say’Well, if you read the report you’ll find a list of what I would call extreme left wing publications written by such notables as Saul Alinsky and others instructing hig school students how to become radicals and community organizers. All of this material paid for and approved by none other than Barack Obama. I’m sure he would deny any knowledge of it if he were pressed. He seems to forget most everything else. This is from the man who denied having any contact with Alinsky in last years presidential campaign. These writings are required reading for anyone signing onto the intern program. The packages start with information printed this way… “included on the forms was a suggested reading list that included Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and Organizing for America’s mission to build on the “movement that elected President Obama by empowering students across the country to help us bring about our agenda of change.”

Now, in defense of the local school board, they did not approve of the teacher handing out these application packages, but at the same time they did not take any sort of action against the teacher. Heaven knows what would have happened if this type of handout or program had been discussed during the Bush administration. All of the major news services would have been on top of the matter in hours and would have stayed for weeks while Democrats were voting for some sort of congressional investigation. You can bet on this.

The teacher in this matter defended himself by saying that he had not looked over the material and it was given to him by some other person. In my mind this is the very reason why he should have been fired. If he didn’t read it before handing it out, how are his charges being protected’Does this mean that this teacher is prone to giving out anything at any time without the least bit of an idea what he is passing out’Drugs, porn, and who knows what else’Not the kind of teacher I’d want for my kids.

Of course another bleeding heart stood up and makes the insane statement that … ‘none of these kids were forced into doing anything they don’t want to do…this is all voluntary.” Well, taking drugs in school is all voluntary as well, but if they are passed out because no one cares or is watching…isn’t this the wrong thing to do’I think the school has some element of responsibility, don’t you’

My point is that schools should not be the place to start political affiliations for any political agenda. The school boards and administrators should be help accountable for information that is being passed along and being fed into the minds of our youngsters. Schools are not the place for radical agendas (left wing or right wing) or instructions. We need to look closely at those being submitted for elections and make certain they can follow the rules. Rules that apply to all, not just liberals.