“Why am I not surprised’”

Here we are in a cash strapped economy with the good old US government cranking out more funny money each and every day that goes by. Actually due to the current snow falls in Washington D.C. they might not be able to report to work for a few days. Not a bad thing. But anyway, with super bowl advertisements costing 2.5 million for ‘a minute …here are ads running on Sunday for the Census. The government actually paid to have commercials made and televised about the upcoming 2010 census. Why they needed to do this is anyone’s guess. One point of interest was that in 1790 each census taker worked about 6,000 citizens…..today that number is about 500 per worker. You’d think with computers we would get more efficient, but wait I mentioned efficiency and the government and those two words don’t go together …do they’

The inmates are now running the asylum as far as I can tell. Last week there was a news report about a so called ‘green-building’ which was to be covered with vines and some sort of moss to reduce energy costs. The government was buying this building for somewhere north of 123 million dollars. The energy savings on this little gem is estimated to be over $200,000 a year. Gosh I’m so impressed, that means this one owner will pay for itself in only 615 years. Using the same thought you can see that if the Tower of London which was built in the 1300’s had incorporated the same concepts they would be a money making machine by now. Someone had their hand in the till on this one.

Speaking of hands in the till….heard anything about an Obama appointee by the name of Cathy Zoi’I thought not. Well, she happens to be one of those snow bound folks responsible for the dissemination of over 17 billion in so-called stimulus money. Her husband is associated with a company called something like Serious Materials, who just so happened to have received some serious monies or tax credits from the stimulus funds that old Cathy oversees. Of course she has issued the standard line that she had nothing to do with the decision to give any preferential treatment to her husbands company. If you believe that I’d like to show you some waterfront lots in Arizona.

The new poster boy for governmental healthcare should be the late John Murtha. In addition to being a strong voter on Frankenancy’s house team, he could always be counted on to add some levity to any debate with which he agreed or disagreed. Our dear Nancy seems to be losing house votes faster than water runs off a ducks back. Poor old John goes in for a routine gall bladder operation in a government hospital and ends up dying due to a surgery foul-up. There’s a big incentive to nationalize healthcare if I ever saw one. Perhaps not.

With Washington buried under record snow falls, I wonder if anyone has given any thought to the concept of global cooling’I heard that the Obama administration was trying to rename the tectonic plates under the Caribbean and calling the area around Haiti as the “Bush Fault”. I suppose if the scientists discover that we are truly entering into a new ice age…..it will have to be either George W’s or Dick Cheney’s decisions that caused it. Who else could have done it’

Last but not least is the upcoming so called bi-partisan conference on healthcare being touted by the Obama team. Let’s see, until Scott Brown managed to get elected last month, the administration was hell bent on passing his version without any input for the minority. Now all of that has changed with the majority of the senate being taken away by Scott Brown. Of course, the Democrats want input on the existing bill rather than starting over as is the desire of the majority of the American citizens. We’ll just have to wait and see what will transpire, but the word bipartisan still doesn’t seem to be very much in vogue inside of the beltway as of yet.