“Please sir, can I have some more’”

Well, I don’t think this will come as any big surprise but Speaker of the House Frankenancy Pelosi has decided that the healthcare plan is not dead as of yet. Perhaps the title of this column should be something along the lines of … “It lives, it lives.” But I’ll save that for something in the future. Meanwhile Mrs. Pelosi, who could be mistaken for the crazy lady in ‘Play Misty for Me’ has decided that we Americans just need another dose of her wishes and all will be right in the beltway. “If we just keep feeding it to them…they’ll eventually eat it” seems to be her new motto.

Even though she is losing support with members of her own party, she seems hell bent for leather to ram something down the throats of the American taxpayers regardless if we want it or not. Even though over 60% of Americans are opposed to healthcare reform the folks in the Pelosi bunkers are determined to keep on shoving it in, day after day after day. Speaker Nancy seems to feel that she can draft a version which will somehow escape the attention of the general public.

Now, I realize that the current leaders of the republic (Obama, Reid and Pelosi) honestly think that those of us who vote are too dumb to make up our own minds and cannot tell what is good for us. That’s where they come in. They feel uniquely qualified to make those decisions for us. We should just roll over and play dead while her office explores a myriad of options to see which one can be foisted off upon us without our being aware.

The people of this country want jobs. I am beginning to think those in control believe that the word job is only a book in the old testament and not connected to the 10% of the citizens not gainfully employed. Estimates run all the way up to 17% if you factor in the number of people who have stopped looking for employment. Whatever the number is, it’s way too high and generating new taxes while increasing the number of government workers isn’t a text book example of how to succeed in business.

Of course, Frankenancy has some serious shuffling to do if she wants to get anything passed in the dead of the night. There are some major roadblocks to getting anything out of this congress. Many of the incumbents are now scurrying for the dark and trying to get out of the light of ever increasing scrutiny by the citizens. It will be interesting to see how many Democrats ask for support from Obama in the coming months. So far their team is batting zero on having any positive effect. Of course that doesn’t mean they will give up trying. They seem to be any and everywhere a camera or microphone is placed. In my mind one of the most dangerous places to be in America at this time would be in between any of these people and a news crew.

At least Senator Reid offered an opinion that showed he wasn’t certain all of the rules could be avoided. He made this comment…. “We can’t go first,” Reid said. “I don’t know how procedurally we can start reconciliation.”

So, now it seems as if the House of Pelosi wants to sneak a healthcare program to us under the guise of anti-monopoly reform. In other words, let’s wrap this stale and rancid sandwich in a new wrapper and those old dumb voters won’t pay any attention. In fact they’ll be coming back for more.

Sorry, Nancy but even some things are just too hard to swallow.