So when is a door not a door’When it’s ajar….hahahaha.

So when is a congressman (woman) not a congressman (woman)’

When they hide and look for any method available to get out of standing up in the daylight for a vote on the healthcare disaster.

The fact that they (our elected representation) believe that we (the voters) are too stupid and dumb to see what they are doing just highlights their arrogance. Trying to weasel around standing up in the daylight and announcing a yes or no position on an issue of this magnitude is cowardly at best. If the democrats are so proud of the healthcare package, why do they hide’

If the democrats are so sure of the passage of this bill (which is opposed by a majority of Americans) why do they run from making a commitment or avoid a straight up and down vote’

The answer is simple…they are scared and don’t’ want to be associated with what will happen in the future. A future that looms just over 200 days away. Oh, they want the benefits and the bribes that have been offered in lieu of changing their positions from a no vote to a yes vote.

The senators from Louisiana and Nebraska can proudly point to the buyoffs they received for their votes. The unions can puff up their chests and brag about all of the benefits they have or will receive. And the house members who are selling their souls to the administration for as little as a ride on Air Force One can be pleased with their achievements. The two congressmen who are selling out today for water in California are pure prostitutes. There is no other word for their actions. Water is essential, but can they be so na’e to believe there aren’t strings attached to this early announcement made by the EPA’Why don’t they applaud the EPA early decision and still vote no’Because they have no spine, no backbone, no grit, no cojones. Perhaps they can get a job working for the farmers once the November elections are over.

But let’s look at what they accomplished. Nothing, nada, zip, zero. If they change their votes or allow themselves to be bought off, they know and we know what they did. They can run, but they cannot hide. They will be remembered for what they did to subvert the process. The voting public, those who vote each and every election, not just the one promising…Hope and Change, will not allow this to continue. They will have their day in court or at the polls in the future. The internet is a powerful tool. How else could the words I’m writing have been disseminated to so many in such as short period of time ten or fifteen years ago’They couldn’t.

No, the people who live in the lala land of the political world do not (for the most part) live where you and I do. They don’t have to abide by the same rules as we do. They won’t have to live under this healthcare bill if it passes.

No, they are special. Or at least they think they are.

Well, I’ve got news for them. They aren’t. And we know it. And we don’t like it. And we will do something about it if they vote on whatever rule, bill or whatever they dream up to get this monster passed. We know what the Constitution (article 1, section 7) says and it does not say what they are doing is legal. You cannot pass a piece of legislation that has not been even been completely written and magically ‘deem’ it to be voted upon. If that rule holds water then I believe I can put in a loan application at my bank and ‘deem’ that the loan committee voted in favor of accepting it. This concept is a total travesty of our political process.

The democrats made a lot of fun last year over Sarah Palin with the ‘lipstick on a pig’ remarks. Well, this is a pig of gigantic proportions that is wearing more lipstick then I think can ever be wiped off.