Here now…today …The DC Story… “I feel pretty, oh so pretty…”

I hate to start off with an old clich’..but gag me with a spoon. The Obamathon speech last night made me wonder what would have happened if Adolph Hitler had been able to use a teleprompter. I suppose we would all be speaking German by now.

The great one managed to read out aloud over 6,000 words making his state of the union message the second longest on record. He was outdone, in more ways than one, by another famous personage in the image of William Jefferson Clinton. Oh, well that gives Barack something to work for in 2011. I feel certain his speech writers will be chained and fed only bread and water until they correct this grievous error. I have it on good authority that the motto in the Obama White House is now… “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

The liberal media went to great lengths to fall all over themselves during the Bush years whenever George W. made a gaffe or mistake of any sort. The internet is full of websites making fun of George Bush and his mistakes. I googled ‘Bush dumb quotes’ and found 1,840,000 references to GWB. Then for drill, I did the same for ‘Obama dumb quotes’ and got 1,490,000 references. At first glance one might think GWB was way more inept than Obama, but wait, it took GTB over 8 years to achieve his total and Obama is less than 400,000 behind in just 12 months, a stunning achievement if I ever saw one. Of course the biggest goof last night was when the former constitutional law professor turned president stated that the United States Constitution tells us that we are all created equal. The only problem with this statement is that the equality statement is in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution, but then who really cares about those things’Not the liberal media, that’s for sure. The poor smuck who wrote this will probably find himself re-assigned to monitor west Texas politics from somewhere a couple hundred miles from the nearest Starbucks. I hope I didn’t burst your bubble by telling you that someone other than the great B.O. himself writes what goes on the Teleprompters. Last week, the White House was upset over an internet photo of B.O. speaking at an elementary school. It appears he needed the teleprompter while speaking to the students, but in reality it was for the press. My question is why even then’Can’t he string more than a couple of sentences together in any off the cuff or ad hoc setting’You suppose he does this when he’s off duty as well’Who writes his bed time stories for his kids’Forgive me, I’m off track.

The president goes on to state that he failed to properly explain his health care program to the American people. Perhaps if he used flash cards or a flannel board we could grasp it better. I differ with him on this issue since I think the problem is just the opposite, the American people do get it and they don’t like it. We don’t like being talked down to or treated as if we are the straw man in search of a brain. All of us may not have graduated from Harvard, but we are not dumb.

And the beat goes on when he speaks alarmingly about the increasing deficient as if he knew nothing about it and was coming to the countries rescue. “We can’t continue to spend as if deficits don’t have consequences….” If this not hilarious or what’ This comes to us after a year of spending unparalleled in this countries history. I will give him credit for self control, saying words like these without cracking up laughing is certainly not an easy task.

Finally, he lays the blame for the entire economic meltdown at the feet of Wall Street. Nothing was mentioned or said about the Community Reinvestment Act which forced banks and lending institutions to make loans to unqualified buyers. No…let’s forget that and skip over those facts. Wall Street makes money and creates jobs by making money. It’s that simple. Government handouts and increased government employment does not stimulate the economy in any way shape or form.

Obama promised us change and that’s what we are getting…whether we like it or now. I don’t think he cares. He’s too busy looking at himself in the mirror and in his reflection in the teleprompter. I wonder if anyone hears him softly asking… “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” ‘