In colonial days, the British soldiers were called ‘redcoats’ because of the color of their uniforms. The powers that be at the time thought it made sense to have their uniforms the same color as blood so that if somebody got shot the other soldiers wouldn’t get unnerved as easily. Of course, when rifles started coming into more common use the British changed to khaki and eventually to camouflage. The concept of being visible had to be altered to conform to warfare changes. The rule of thumb for most spies has been that if you were caught spying out of uniform, you were subject to immediate execution without any rights whatsoever. Uniforms and weapons have changed over these past years and warfare tactics have changed with them as well. The rules of war have been fairly well established over the years and for the most part understood by those who participate in this industry.

They seem to be understood by everyone except those in Washington, D.C. For one thing our country, our culture is not fighting a conventional war against a conventional enemy. We do not have the benefit of seeing an enemy in matching uniforms with insignia and decorations such as was the rule in the past. We do not have the luxury of facing an enemy fighting with conventional weapons. No, this enemy uses underwear bombs or women as suicide bombers to achieve their goals. Are these our warring enemies or just misguided individuals bent on carrying out a criminal act’I personally believe that any group sworn to destroy our way of life and who will utilize any and every method to achieve their goals has declared war upon this nation. Just because they do not wear what we would call conventional uniforms does not dismiss the fact that they are enemy combatants and need to be treated as such.

The suspect involved in Christmas Day airplane bombing attempt was talking freely and openly about his plans, training and connections until the FBI read him his rights and appointed an attorney to represent him. Then he shut up and has refused to give out any more information. What a waste of intelligence. Since when do foreigners, especially those determined to cause us harm get civil rights in this country’Since when do those soldiers, yes soldiers, of other cultures seeking to destroy us have the right to a United States taxpayer paid for lawyer’Why wasn’t this person turned over to the military authorities and questioned and then scheduled for trial in a military court of law rather than a civil court of law’

Have we lost our minds’Are the inmates running the asylum’I believe they are. When the head of the FBI states he was not even consulted on whether or not this suspect should have a lawyer, what does this say for our nations leaders’No much as I see it.

So now, the administration believes we need to try any and all persons (there could be thousands) who wage war against this nation in civilian courts with civilian legal representation at taxpayer expense. I wonder if Hitler would have done the same for us if he had won the war. Probably not.

No…where we have gone wrong in this nation is to put the interests of very minor groups ahead of those in the majority. We want to be so politically correct that we can’t stand the concept that some poor boy from Nigeria who is inapt at blowing up his boxers might be traumatized by having to endure a trial in a military court designed for terrorist trained warriors. I’m sure his defense will include the fact that he failed to have a cake on his tenth birthday and that his mother might have spanked him as a child. Oh, the shame of it all.

During WWII, if Adolph Hitler knew who you were or had some reason to notice you, you were the source of much adoration and envy among the citizens of Germany. In my mind when a sworn enemy of this country such as Osama bin Laden speaks words of praise for the Christmas Day bomber, then you are not entitled to the right of an American. Those rights belong to those of us whose parents, and grandparents and others fought and died so that we could enjoy the freedom of this country. To give those same rights to someone with such careless abandon as the ones given to this bombing suspect cheapens the entire concept of civil rights.

War is not civil, wake up Washington.