Over the past thirty or so years, I’ve had a number of opportunities to meet and speak with pastors of large churches. All are well meaning people and all certainly want to do the right thing by their congregation. Having said this I can only recall one such pastor who ran his multi-million dollar church with the same principles as that of a corporation.

Not that he wasn’t spiritual, no, don’t get me wrong, it was just that he recognized that his revenues required him to be the CEO of a entity as well as a pastor. Most of the other pastors I spoke with had little or no training at all in how to run a business. Consequentially, they all ran into financial problems at one time or another. We’ve all seen this happen.

The last time I looked the governmental statistics on the failure rate for a new business was somewhere in the 50% range or higher in the first year. It’s even higher for those venturing out into some business or industry they know nothing about.

Having said this let me point out something to you.

Glenn Beck recently looked at the private experience for cabinet members of the past 19 presidents. This would be the percentage of cabinet members who had worked in private business or some industry other than a public job before being appointed to serve in the administration. The numbers range from a high of 56% for Ronald Reagan to a low of 32% for President Carter.

Except for now. Care to take a guess the percentage of members of the current administrations cabinet who have ever worked in anything other than a public sector job’don’t guess, I’ll tell you …’s 8%.

Only 8% of the current members who advise, decide, and offer suggestions on policies and procedures which concern every American who have ever actually worked for a business. Is this any way to run a country’What happened to common sense in the past year’It seems to me that it has been thrown out of the window.

This is not the time for on the job training. This is the time for leadership and the recruitment of experienced men and women who have jumped into bad deals with both feet and pulled private sector companies out from the red ink column to being in the black. This present administration has chosen to take a path of least resistance and appoint, or should I say anoint, yes men and women who have no clue as to hire and fire employees, much less improve cash flow and the bottom line.

I spoke to a life-long friend of mine the other day who has been a public servant all of his life and even he had a better grasp of budgets and operational requirements than those we see on the news each evening. Printing more money to give to car czars and others who have never dealt with the angst of running a for profit entity is insanity. The inmates are running the asylum

Having an education is a wonderful thing, however actual hands on experience from the school of hard knocks teaches far better lessons than any professor or textbook. Now that our President has determined that we should get back to the basics of job creation (one year late, in my opinion) isn’t it about time to sweep those who have been filling up cabinet chairs while doodling on legal pads their marching directions to the nearest unemployment office’In order to get this country back on track we need a president who will listen and learn from our citizens who have actually owned, operated and built profit making companies, not weak minded individuals who have fed from the public trough their entire lives.