The Democratic Wagon Train lurches to a sudden stop…..

It was widely reported that the snow on the roof of the White House mysteriously melted late Tuesday evening. Experts theorize that a possible internal (inside the structure) warming trend was the suspected cause of this phenomenon. White House officials refused to make any comment or suggestions as to what might have happened.

Our erstwhile President made a comment on Wednesday suggesting that the Massachusetts election was only an indicator of just how angry the American public was over the failed policies of the previous (Bush) administration.

Say what’I’m sorry, but let’s think about this for a second. George W. Bush was a Republican; Scott Brown (the winner of the Senate election) is a Republican. How does his (Browns) election prove up that the unpopular policies of G.W. Bush were the reason for Scott’s win against a Democrat in a Democratic state’I’m afraid that since I didn’t get a degree in political science, the logic of this is way over my head. I wish someone would be kind enough to explain it to me.

Meanwhile back at the Capital, the Democratic Party is circling their wagons and pointing to each other to explain the various reasons for this stunning upset and defeat. The wagonmasters, Harry ‘Rawhide’ Reid and Nancy ‘Miss Kitty’ Pelosi are anxiously roaming the camp seeking out cowards and miscreants who may be trying to retreat back from their previous aggressive stances. Miss Kitty is expected to speak out against the ‘cowards’ of the Capital who may be on the verge of actually listening to the year long voices of their constituents. The toll can be seen on the face of Miss Kitty as she watches her support for the Healthcare Reform Wagon Train erode minute by minute in front of her unbelieving eyes. Ever true to the cause of justice, freedom and the right of every American to own a apple pie, Miss Kitty held firmly to her belief on Wednesday that the wagon train was going to still be moving ever forward in spite of Tuesday’s election. Later this week she has had to rescind her opinion and quietly admit that her wishes may not be granted this year after all. We are all so sad….not.

Even though the commander in chief was in Ohio today in full force ‘fighting’ for all Americans and urging those in his party to press forward, there seems to be a growing reluctance to do so. Several wagons have turned back and are headed back to their home states to rethink their hasty decisions to strike out on such a perilous journey in spite of repeated warnings from their constituents not to attempt such actions. ‘Dusty’ Durban, ‘Slick’ Schumer and ‘Wild Man’ West are making statements along the trail that indicate that they have not been happy with the commander in chiefs plans, but had been hesitant until this point to speak up.

I suppose they were… ‘Just following’ orders.

We’ve heard that old excuse before, seems like it was in Nuremburg back in 1946.

I’m sorry but I don’t recall them being very quiet about the Democratic wagon train and it’s grandiose plans. I seem to remember them out on the trail professing distain for the natives of the land who opposed them. Miss Kitty even went so far as to voice her opinion that anyone who stood in the way of her efforts should be ‘investigated’.

You feel free to use any clich’that you desire to describe this situation such as …the bloom is off the rose; the rats are leaving the ship or ‘they make me want to set my hair on fire.’ Whatever works for you is fine for me. Regardless of what you call it, the reality of this weeks Senate election starts to shift up the left leaning ship of state more to the center. Several popular commentators alleged that this was the most important election in over a century.

I’d be willing to bet there are a number of members of the Congress whose index fingers are tired and stiff from punching in so many calls on their cell phones in the past few days. They might want to consider speed dialing since I think the calls will definitely increase as we get closer to November.

And who says Miracles only happen on 34th street’