Democrats not rolling over …just yet…

This morning on the way to the office, I stopped at a bakery and bought a cake and had “Go, Scott, Go” iced on it……There are several yellow dog democrats in our area….they refused to eat even one bite. I told them it was only chocolate, not crow, but to no avail. It was also noticeable cooler in the halls all day as well. Guess they can’t take a joke.

The spin de jure’ is that what happened on the 20th in Massachusetts was just a ‘regional issue’ and wasn’t to be taken as a national referendum on the policies of the present administration. The blame started early in the evening before the polls closed and have lasted all through the night and most of today. If I looked hard enough I could probably find some commentary from someone blaming everything on George W. Bush. It’s a shame old George wasn’t around in 1941 as I feel certain FDR could have blamed Pearl Harbor on something George had done or said.

Last night I thought I could hear him (George W.) laughing from Dallas and I’m over 100 miles away. Who could blame him’

Anyway, what Scott Brown has done is truly an American miracle. His ability to overtake a 30 point lead just thirty days ago and win by 5 points is a stunning 35 point turnaround. The liberals can run around all day long telling themselves that what happened in the Bay state was just an anomaly and doesn’t really mean anything. I hope this is the posture they adopt and keep believing for the rest of this year. Keep believing that the folks in Nebraska or Ohio or Utah aren’t concerned over the shady deals which have been forced on us these past 12 months and you’ll be in the unemployment line next January.

Their elitist attitudes and ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mentality has awakened a sleeping tiger in the fabric of average America. We aren’t the richest, or the poorest…but the middle of this country. The ones who work, pay their taxes, raise their kids, take care of their relatives, and for the most part try to live quiet lives without any interference by the federal government. Don’t get me wrong, we believe in a federal government, but one that knows who they work for and what their job is all about.

Do you think the word ‘representation’ means anything to the majority of these congressmen and women’I’m hard pressed to believe that it does. The rallying cry heard in 1776 of ‘no taxation without representation’ is ringing throughout this land. I’m sure it was heard across the country last night and today.

When the speaker (small letters) of the house of the United States says that she believes anyone attending the summer tea party rallies… ‘Needs to be investigated and questioned’…just because we are not all marching in lock step to the drumming coming out of Washington D.C….it’s time to move on and put these people out to pasture. They have lost touch with reality and are living in some parallel universe, but certainly not the one most of us are currently experiencing.

While the Massachusetts Senate victory is indeed impressive, we must not sit on our laurels and think we have won the war. We have indeed won a battle, but trust me we are up against a formidable enemy to our Capitalistic way of life and we cannot quit. No, we must press on and change the direction and mentality of not only stubborn Democrats, but double speaking Republicans as well. No one should be immune from our goal of having a country that works for all of us, not just select groups with back room deals or special incentives.

Fault can be left at the door steps of both parties without any guilt, but this should be the United States of America…not the Divided States. We should be proud of January 19th. It was a clarion call to arms for a new and fresh mentality for all of us. We must labor on and continue to rally, now is not the time to stop.