Great Scott!!!! Or the Scott heard around the world…..

Tuesday morning, January 19th, 2010……obviously the decision for the Senatorial election in Massachusetts is still hours away…but what effect has this event had on our national psyche What has happened to us as a nation in these past couple of weeks that will be observed and commented upon around the world’

Well ,for one thing, the 47 year old Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy is in serious jeopardy of being lost to a new face on the street, Scott Brown. A Republican, if you can believe it.

Has the devil come to Boston in the recent weeks or what Well, it would seem that way to some in the Democratic Party who are now shaking their heads and starting to point fingers at each other over this nasty predicament. How could this have happened It wasn’t supposed to be this way. This race was in the bag…..why, don’t the good citizens of this state know that their action today may have far more lasting impact than just the election of a senator’

Why, the Obama/Pelosi/Reid sponsored health care agenda may be stalled or sidetracked if a (gasp) Republican were to actually get elected. Heaven forbid that someone might usurp a seemingly God given right. Heaven forbid that the voters of this state might march to their own tunes rather than in lock step with the current administration. Heaven forbid that the people in this state might have been roused out of their slumber for lo, these many years and are saying… ‘No, we’re tired of this pap and not going to take it anymore…’

God love ‘em…

The polls at this time show Brown with a significant lead over his opponent, but I’m not sure polls can always be relied upon so I tend to shy away from predictions based solely upon polling data. In my mind the race is over when the last vote has been counted and not until then.

So, as of noon, the race is still up in the air and is anyone’s to call.

However, there is something to consider even if Brown were to lose. That is how did he come so far in such a short period of time in a state where the election was so seemingly predictable four or five months ago’Simple. The voters in this state (or at least a large number of them) have come to the same conclusion that many of us have in this country. Those elected officials in the rest of the country had better sit up straight and take notice as well. Your position might be the next to be threatened or even lost. We did not elect you to be a professional politician, even though you have developed this mentality and cannot envision anyone disagreeing with you or taking offense to your actions and words.

We are tired of being treated as if we are schoolchildren without the maturity to have any input on major issues that concern all of us. We are tired of career politicians giving us the equivalent of taxation without representation. We are tired of being told we are ‘terrorists’ because we don’t agree with what is being thrown at us by the elitist members of congress. We are tired of legislation being crammed or shoved down out throats when the majority of our citizens voice their opposition and then are being told to just sit back and live with it. We (the people) of this great nation put you in office and by God, we can take you out. Your actions speak volumes when you show your obvious contempt for what we have to say.

A week or so ago, a longtime friend of mine sent me an e-mail expressing his discouragement with our current situation. He was asking me if there was any hope. Can anything be done to stop the current ‘full speed ahead’ mentality in Washington D.C.’

To my friend, I would say…yes, there is hope. Look at Scott Brown for an example of American hope. If it can happen in Boston, it can happen anywhere.

Scott Brown…we hardly knew ‘ye…but I suspect that won’t be the case for much longer.