One thing good about writing a column about politics is the fact that you can never run out of things to talk about. If you go back in recorded history, no matter how far, you can find the same issues in those days as we face today. Corruption, deceit, incompetence were as prevalent thousands of years ago as well as today.

Years ago I owned a security company and employed several hundred men and women to secure banks, industrial sites etc. The State of Texas passed a law requiring each employee to pass a security test if they were carrying a firearm. We sent all of the applications into the appropriate office and dealt with the problems as they came in. One of our employees, who had been with us for several years, had been convicted of stealing some meat from a grocery in Michigan. When interviewed he told us (and was verified on the police report) that he had been caught when he was taking the meat for his family.

Since the man was and had been a good and reliable employee we took his case to the agency that regulated our industry and tried to obtain permission to keep him employed.

They refused.

I brought up the point that no where on the state approved application does it make any mention or require the applicant to prove they were a United States citizen and were in this country legally. They told me that this question could not be asked and that they did not require anyone to be a legal citizen in order to comply with the regulations. Long story short the man was let go. What he did to put himself in this situation was …in one word…illegal.

Now the point of this story is that in today’s news we have a government sponsored program to provide GPS information to persons coming across the border into this country. This information is designed to give the so-called… ‘Undocumented worker’ directions to safe areas as well as food, water and shelter. Let’s see, isn’t crossing the border into this country without the proper paperwork, clearances or documentation ….illegal’Is there one form of illegal not as bad as some other forms of illegal’ Can the government legitimately support turning a blind eye to one crime and not others’It certainly seems that they can.

It seems to me that there is a constitutionality issue to this matter. If someone is in prison for violating a crime and the government who sent him to prison is funding a group engaged in a criminal activity …I think the guy in prison might think this kind of a deal was unfair. I know I would.

It seems we have people in this country who believe it is not only proper but financially rewarding to flout the law and get away with their actions. There is hardly a day goes by that we don’t read of someone receiving a ‘pass’ for their actions which were in violation of a law. How we have come this far in such a short period of time is an amazement to me. I am just hoping and praying we have no passed the ‘fail safe’ point of no return and can reorient ourselves and our political compass to point back in the direction of decency as well as fair play.

For all, not just some.