Memo from the White House…2010

Dear:___________________(fill-in the blank)

It has come to my attention that your country ________________(fill in the blank) has violated the terms of our agreements which we entered into with you on ___________(fill in the blank).

These violations __________________________________(fill in the blank) will not be tolerated and should be discontinued as of ____________________(fill in the blank) or as soon as possible, or as soon as you can get around to it or whenever it is convenient for you.

We strongly disagree with your actions in this matter and certainly would appreciate it if you would consider changing your mind so that we don’t have to request the United Nations to apply SANCTIONS to you once again. As a reminder in your case this would be sanction #________(fill in the blank).

In closing, please be aware that your failure to comply with any of the above may result in my having to dispatch our Secretary of State, Mrs. H. Clinton to make a personal visit to your office. Secretary Clinton will be empowered to offer substantial amounts of United States governmental aid to assist you in complying with our requests. This offer will be good for the next three (3) years.

Wishing you and yours all the best for this coming New Year.

Respectfully yours,

B.H. Obama

If you can detect a note of cynicism in the above, you certainly are an astute reader. I would suspect this is about the tone of the so called ‘strongly worded’ letters which have been sent out by our commander in chief to those who are pledged to destroy our country.

Personally I’ve seen and heard of letters from bill collectors that carry more weight. It’s small wonder that text messages written in Arabic are now using the term…LOAO….that translates into… Laughing Our (word for donkeys) Off. I can’t repeat this in Arabic because I don’t know how to spell it, but I’m fairly certain this is what is happening.

One pundit (what exactly is a pundit anyway’) over this past weekend was quoted as saying that “They know sanctions haven’t worked or will work in the future…but they issue them anyway since somehow it makes them feel better to do so. They are always worth considering.”

I don’t know about you but as a parent I tried sanctions on my children…once. Threats to my children about their behavior didn’t seem to carry much weight so actions (grounding, removal of privileges, even spankings) seemed to have more of an effect upon them. My wife recalls spanking one of our boys when he was a teenager. He argued that she couldn’t do this…..he is now in his thirties and still remembers the event so it must have had some impact. Please notice that he did not have to have any type of professional counseling to be able to bring ‘closure’ to this incident. Apparently the technique my wife employed was ‘closure’ enough.

As a business owner for the majority of my life I am fully aware of what happens if and when you hire people….at some point you might also have to make the decision to …fire someone. This is never (at least almost never) a pleasant experience. It comes with the territory. You cannot always shuffle your duties to someone else.

What I see in this administration is the continual shifting of blame to someone else. The buck stops THERE as opposed to Truman’s….the buck stops here. Obama has been playing the ‘Bush’ card for over a year now. Everything that has happened has some direct correlation to former President Bush. How long will this keep going on’I think there was a song with those lyrics. When will these people start to stand up on their own two feet and talk out of just one side of their mouths’When will they grow a backbone and act like they love or even like this country’

The good news is that their poll numbers are falling each day…..for people who live and die by poll results this is the best thing that can happen. We need a competent congress and chief executive. When Nicolas Sarkozy and Hugo Chavez start criticizing our president….then we can be certain things are starting to move in our direction.

It’s about time.