The poet Emma Lazarus’s best-known work is called The New Colossus. Never heard of it’ Yes, you have, it’s the one that includes the line.’ Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to be free. On the Statue of Liberty. You knew that.

And you think you really know people..Tchaikovsky, the famous conductor, was somewhat strange. He used to hold his chin with his left hand while at work ‘seems he thought his head would somehow roll off of his shoulders. Where would he get an idea like this’

Golfers always yell ‘ fore’ when they are teeing off. I’ve wondered why. Well, the word fore once was a military term meaning ‘ get out of the way or you’ll be shot. It was used to tell riflemen to get down so the men behind them could fire. It originally started out as ‘ Beware before’ then got shortened to ‘ before’ and then to just plain old ‘ fore. Now you know.

You can always tell the age of fish. (Why’ ) By counting the layers of scales. The older the fish the more layers. Kind of like growth rings on a tree. Doesn’t work for catfish’ no scales. You’ll just have to guess.

Sugar cubes don’t weigh much do they’ That is unless they are from a neutron star. A piece this size is so dense that it would weigh as much as all of the people on the earth combined.

Now here’s a thought..In Roman days, folks bred dormice for food. They were kept in little cages and fed nuts to fatten them up. Little dormice burgers or something like that, I imagine. Could catch on here..maybe not.

Speaking of food. You wouldn’t like this practice. In Central America in the 1700’s, it was thought that chocolate was a work of the devil. Probably some folks today would agree with you. Anyway, No one under the age of 60 was permitted to eat it or drink it. Makes sense to me.

If you’ re having folks over for breakfast, find yourself some ostrich eggs. Each one will make eleven and one half omelets. You’ll need a large skillet.

Andrew Johnson was the only American President who could make his own clothes. He was an expert tailor. Thought you’d want to know.

You knew that you get more dark meat from birds that fly than you do those that are raised in a pen. Ducks and geese have more dark than say, chickens. The easy way to remember this is that hard working muscles are dark and all of the rest of the bird is white.

There are seven metals in the world. Which one isn’t mentioned in the Bible’ Well, gold, silver, iron, tin, copper and lead are. Mercury isn’t.

Forced oscillation resonance. Sounds like a rap group doesn’t it’ Well, it isn’t. It’s the vibrations that cause a glass to break when exposed to certain sound frequencies. It also is something that will cause a bridge to fall down under certain conditions. In 1831, a group of soldiers were marching in step over a suspension bridge near Manchester, England. Their marching was in tune with the swaying of the bridge. Result of this’ The bridge fell down. Now soldiers are told to not march in step when coming upon the same situation.

Someone asked me about this, why I don’t know. ‘do your hair and nails continue to grow after you die I’ m not sure and I don’t want to find out’ but in checking I find that they don’t. It appears they might by as much as a 1/16 of an inch since the body starts drying out and the skin recedes due to a lack of moisture.

While we’ re on the body..did you know that in a years time the human heart will pump an average of 777,000 to 1.5 million gallons of blood through the body. To give you an idea of how much this is. Picture a tank car holding 8,000 gallons. Now picture 200 of those. That’s what should happen unless you fit into the tidbit above this one.

It’s been widely thought that more traffic accidents occur during periods when there is a full moon. Well, once it was discovered that full moons happen more often on weekends the theory loses air. There are always more accidents on the weekends since more people are out goofing off or doing something other than being at work.

Ever hear of the ‘ Battle of Breed’s Hill Nope, well that’s where the Battle of Bunker Hill actually took place. It was never corrected for the record. The American Colonists were just so happy to have finally won one against the British Army.

Speaking of the Revolutionary War, the last person to have signed the Declaration of Independence died in November of 1832. His name was Charles Carroll. Other than the fact that he had signed the famous document, he also happened to be the wealthiest man in the country. His interests ranged from the canal building business to being a lawyer. At 92 years of age he broke ground on the first passenger and freight railroad in the country.

More about that time period.the first US census was taken in 1790. Had 6 questions on it. The newly created US of A had 3,929,214 persons in the land. Virginia was our most populated state.

Ok, enough of that. The distress term Mayday, Mayday’ actually comes from the French word ‘ m’ aidez which means help me ‘ it’s pronounced the same way. Thought you’d want to know.

If it hurts your head for rain to fall upon it, small wonder. Sometimes raindrops can hit you at the speed of 18 miles per hour. Ouch.

Well, this guy is the 1700’s (I must be on a roll for this time period this week) there was a fellow in England named Jack Mytton. He used to get the hiccups fairly often. He developed a cure that required him to set fire to his nightclothes while still in them. Cured his hiccups, but he suffered terrible burns. Wonder who he was married to’

I didn’t know that the sound barrier could be broken 100 miles per hour slower at 36,000 feet did you’ At sea level you have to fly at 760 miles per hour, but at 36,000 feet it can be broken at 660. The speed of sound is called Mach 1.

Mach 1′ Yep, it came from an Austrian physicist named Ernst Mach. Now you know.

Thank God someone had sense enough to change the title of the musical Away We Go’ to something that we could relate ‘ Oklahoma.

If you thought possums really ‘ played’ possum’ you’d be right. First they try to defend themselves by snarling and hissing. After that fails, then they resort to fainting dead away as if in a coma. You can’t poke or prod them to come around. You can throw them in the water’ they’ll snap out of it real quick if you do this.

Before the development of nylon bristles for toothbrushes in 1938, they were made with a variety of hair from horses, hogs or badgers. For your information toothbrushes were first found in China in about 1498. No mention if they flossed or not.

Louis XIV of France was born with two teeth. They moved onto solid food very quickly. One in about 2,000 babies is born with one or more teeth.

Along those same lines.each of us sheds about 40 pounds of skin during our lifetime. More if you live in a dry climate. Don’t think about this at dinner.

Think about patent can ever be taken out on a gambling device in the United States. I’ll have to check on this one and see why.

Another fact about chickens.. To get a big drink of water they have to take a big gulp and then tilt their head towards the sky since they don’t have throat muscles like us humans. Gravity forces the water down. We don’t have to do the same since we have muscles that force the food or liquid down our throats into our stomachs. This is one reason we can swallow while standing on our heads. You’d never see a chicken doing this.

Antarctica is just about covered with an ice sheet that is about 6,500 feet thick.

Here’s a weird one for September in Reedpoint, Montana, you can participate in the annual ‘ Running of the Sheep.’ It’s their ‘ gentler version of the famous ‘ Running of the Bulls’ event in Spain. For those not interested in actually running, there is a contest for the ugliest sheep and the prettiest ewe. Sheepherders stand around reciting poetry. I can’t wait.

More weird stuff.I’ m on a roll. A fellow named Mehmet Tunc of Turkey was working in Germany in 1981. He was living on an island named Sylt in the northern part of the country. He takes his family on a vacation back to Turkey. His cat, Minosch escapes somewhere on the trip. 91 days later, back on the island of Sylt, the cat turns up and scratches on the door. This was a distance of over 1,500 miles. My question is how’d the cat get over to the island’

Well, the cat was luckier than the Greek playwright named Aeschylus. Seems he died after being hit on the head by a large turtle that was dropped from the sky by an eagle. Just wasn’t his day.

It’s been calculated that each American sees an average of 560 advertisements each day. That’s about 559 too many in my opinion.

Why are the yellow pages yellow’ Well, the strongest color combination happens to be black on yellow. No fools they, the folks at the phone company. Next in line is black on white.

Gaston Chevrolet won the Indianapolis 500 in 1920. I know what you’ re thinking and he wasn’t driving one.

I was surprised to learn that only John F. Kennedy and William Howard Taft are the only two US Presidents buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Another thing along these lines’ Woodrow Wilson is the only president buried in Washington D.C. He is also the only president that had a PhD in political science.

One more thing..the only person to serve as president for one day was David Atchison. Zachary Taylor refused to be sworn in on a Sunday. Atchison was the president pro tem of the US Senate. Taylor was sworn in on the following Monday, but not before Atchison had appointed several of his friends to cabinet posts.

The bloodhound is the only animal whose evidence can be used in a court of law. This is because of their keen sense of smell. Often used for tracking suspects and escaped convicts.

The only father and son to win the Medal of Honor were Colonel Arthur McArthur and his son, General Douglas McArthur. The father got the medal for his actions during the Civil War and Douglas received it for his effort in 1944 in the Philippines.

In Super Bowl VI (1972) the Miami Dolphins never scored a touchdown. They lost to Dallas by 24 to 3. Only scored a field goal. Bet the next day around there wasn’t a pretty sight.

Next time you see the movie Ben Hur’ pay close attention to the chariot races. Some of the drivers are wearing wristwatches.

Whoa, how about this’ The Alabama Canebrake Pitcher Plant is carnivorous. It can eat insects as well as small animals such as rats and frogs. Can’t find it in Alabama, only lives in Malaysia. Thank goodness.