You might have guessed that it took 214 crates to transport the Statue of Liberty from France to New York in 1885.

Jim Capone, the older brother of the infamous Al Capone was known as Richard ‘ Two Gun’ Hart because he was a lawman in the state of Nebraska.

Red Foley, the country and western signer was Pat Boone’s father in law.

You reached Never-Never Land by ‘ traveling second to the right and then straight on until the morning ‘ that’s important to those of you that liked ‘ Peter Pan.

The very last Ivy League college in America to go co-ed was Dartmouth in the year 1972.

Queen Victoria was 18 years old when she became the Queen of England..what do you think was the very first thing that she did’she moved her bed into her own room’ until that time she had slept in the same room with her mother.

Venezuela’ that country in South America..the name actually means Little Venice.’

Richard Nixon had a music box on his desk when he was the President…You may not have known that the tune that it played was Hail to the Chief.’

‘ Crusade in Europe’ by Dwight Eisenhower and ‘ Profiles in Courage’ by John F. Kennedy are the only two books written by American Presidents that have been made into television series.

Speaking of Presidents’ Abraham Lincoln was the first United States President to have been born outside of the original 13 states’ he was born in Kentucky.

OK’ one more about world leaders.Boris Yeltsin lost his thumb and forefinger of his left hand’ how’ As a kid he stole some hand went off as he and some buddies were trying to take it apart.

Asa Candler purchased the formula for Coca Cola from John Pemberton for $2,300 in 1887. When Mr. Candler’s sons sold out in 1916 they got 25 million for it. Good return.

The first Japanese automobile to be sold in the United States was the Datsun ..sold 83 of those rascals in 1958.

Q. The publisher G.P. Putnam had a famous wife ‘ who was she’

A. The well-known flyer’ Amelia Earhart.

Bet old Amelia and her husband brought in more income than the average American teacher in 1900.their annual salary at that time’ About $325.00 yearly. Not much was it’

You thought mail order was relatively new didn’t you not so; old Ben Franklin put out the first mail order catalog in 1744. Junk mail has been with us a long, long time.

At 1300 feet below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest body of water on this planet.

The Queen of the Underworld (sounds like a good name for a rock group doesn’t it’ ) and the wife of Hades in Greek mythology was called ‘ Persephone.

Benny Benson, Benny Benson..who was he’ Well, he was a 13-year-old kid in the 7th grade in 1927 when he entered a contest and designed the winning entry for the State flag of Alaska.

Cattle, climate, copper and cotton’ known as the ‘ Four C’s’ are associated with what city..’ El Paso, Texas ‘ of course.

There was a Texas cattleman by the name of Sam Maverick’ refused to brand his what word do we associate with him today’ If you said maverick’ you’d be right.

While we’ re on words’ the term ‘ The Real McCoy where’d it come from’ It was from an advertisement for a sewing machine in Ireland in the 1800’s.

Let’s see you name the only word in the dictionary that starts and ends with ‘ und .Give up’ It’s underground.

Queen Elizabeth’s last words in 1603 were All my possessions for one moment of time.’

Buy something that weighs ‘ a hundredweight’ over here in the States and you’ll get 100 pounds of something’do so in England and you’ll get 12 pounds more.

72 years’ that’s how long information in the census must remain confidential..the government thinks that’s about the average length of a normal life.

Thomas Edison was also the person that first introduced the word hello’ as the way to answer the it from the English word Halloo’ a word used in fox hunts..

If you order a pizza pie in Italy you are being redundant since pizza means pie in Italian…Thus you’d be ordering a pie pie.

The drink Bloody Mary started out as a drink called the ‘ Red Snapper’ where it was invented’ in Paris.

Cleopatra used cucumbers to help preserve her skin still being used today’ not by Cleopatra.

H.J. Heinz first product of his famous Heinz 57′ was horseradish

The pineapple originally came from South America…Didn’t get to Hawaii until the early 1800’s

If you buy peanut butter in the US’ at least 90% of it has to be peanuts…Otherwise it can’t be sold..

In 1927′ Lindbergh took a Felix the Cat doll with him as company when he crossed the Atlantic on his 33-hour record breaking solo trip.

Speaking of famous people ‘ Will Rogers was the honorary mayor of what city’ Beverly Hills, of course.

Bananas, applesauce, rice and toast .make up what diet’ The BRAT diet’ given to babies with diarrhea..

The reason herrings are called sardines is because the first process for canning them started in Sardinia..that’s why’

Didn’t know this’ Eskimos use refrigerators to keep their food from freezing

The average adult reads about 275 words per minute..except the tax code..then it slows down considerably..

Walt Disney wanted to name Disneyland by some other name when it was about to be opened’ know what it was’ Mickey Mouse Land.Doesn’t sound right does it’

What time does the clock have on it on the back of a $100 bill’ 4:10..can’t find any reason for this’ maybe it just looks good or something..

Those two stone lions in front of the New York Public Library are named Patience and Fortitude.’ Former New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia came up with this one.

Al Jolson, that famous early jazz singer and movie star.imprinted his knees in cement in front of the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. ‘

George Washington’s wife ..Martha would probably not have responded if she heard her name called’she was known as ‘ Patsy’ by old George

By the way, Thomas Jefferson is often seen wearing a fur-collared coat ‘ where’d he get it’ It was a gift from a Polish soldier named Thaddeus Kosciusko.

Another presidential tidbit.who was the first American to win a Nobel Prize’ It was Teddy Roosevelt, for his work in 1907 in settling the Russo-Japanese war.