In the old days the butterfly was known as the ‘ flutterby makes more sense to me ..How about you’

Those brushes that artists use called camel-hair brushes.reported to me that they aren’t made out of camels hair at all’ invented by some guy whose last name was Camel.

Crystals’ you know those that grow well, they are thought to be the closest ‘ live’ things in the mineral kingdom.

When George Washington died, British naval ships fired 20 gun salutes in honor of their former adversary.

For ‘ of the population of the entire world..rice makes up the majority of their diet.

One of the world’s first attempts to fly was in 1020 when a monk named Oliver of Malmesbury made himself a pair of wings and jumped off the tower of a local abbey. He lived, but broke both legs..

Everyone thought Napoleon was short.actually he was 5′ 6′ or so’ this was very average for the time.looked like he was short since he ran around with a bunch of really tall guys.

The elf owl is the most abundant owl in you know.

Auguste Rodin, the great sculptors froze to death in 1917. He had asked the French government for permission to sleep in one of the museums but was rejected. Oddly enough the statues that he donated were kept warm, but Rodin wasn’t. He died in the winter of frostbite.

No such thing as catgut being used for musical instrument strings.they use sheep guts for this.things got screwed up since the Latin name for a guitar is cithara.the word for these strings are ‘ kit-gut you can see what happened and how we ended up getting it wrong’

In the early part of the nineteenth century the Kingdom of Dahomey in West Africa had an army of women that numbered over 2,000. They did all right until 1892 when they took on the French Army. They lost.

Horse racing was outlawed in the United States during World War 2 as being nonessential to the war effort.

You knew that the Everglades in Florida is the only subtropical wilderness in the United States, didn’t you’ Covers over 5,000 square miles. Home to panthers, crocodiles and lots of rare exotic birds.

Elvis made thirty-three movies..funny I can’t remember any of them.

Speaking of the number 33′ that’s the number of pounds of rabbit meat eaten by each person in Naples, Italy. Maybe they call it McBunny or something’

So, which was invented first’ rockets or eyeglasses’ If you said rockets you’d be right’ They came out of China about 1100 or so’ glasses came out of Europe a couple of hundred years later.

If you were looking for the Capital of Portugal in about 1810.wouldn’t do you any good to look in Portugal itself’ the capital had been moved to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The royal family moved there to escape Napoleon’ Rio was the capital from 1807 until 1821.

Speaking of strange things with cities and whatnot’ you knew that Atlanta was originally called Marthasville. Marthasville Braves doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue does it’

Don’t laugh, Miami started off as Fort Dallas.

Food stuff’ the reason stuffed eggs are called ‘deviled eggs’ is due to the fact that when they first became popular they were covered in black pepper, thus everyone thought they were hot as the fire in hell.

My mom told me to always cover my head during the winter’ was she right’ Yep, you lose about ‘ to 3/4th of your body heat when you go hatless on cold days.

So what was Irving Berlins first published song’ He wrote ‘ Marie from Sunny Italy’ and published it in 1907. I missed that one. By the way, his real name was Isidore Baline.

It’s estimated that there are now about 1.5 million species of plants and animals living on our planet.

Don’t eat potato eyes.seems they have a thing inside called glycoalkaloids that can harm you if you eat too many of them. Potatoes, by the way, are a member of the nightshade family.yes, the skin does contain essential fiber and minerals and is good for you.

John Phillip Sousa wrote the ‘ Washington Post March named it for the newspaper called’ yep, the Washington Post.

You wouldn’t be walking around a lot if you were at the bottom of the Mariana Trench’ the pressure on you at that deep is about 11,000 tons for each square meter. That’s about 36,000 feet below sea level.

A supercilious person is an .arrogant person..comes from the Latin word for eyebrow..since raising the eyebrow indicates someone who is haughty.

The adult human has about 650 muscles, 100 joints and 206 bones.

Oh, yes and about 60,000 miles of blood vessels

We eat more herrings than any other type of fish..has about the same amount of protein as a steak.

Speaking of fish.ever wonder why we get a slice of lemon with that fish’ Well, it wasn’t to flavor the fish; it was used as a safety measure’ was once thought that if you swallowed a fish bone the lemon juice would dissolve it.

Almost half of the world’s population of pigs can be found in China.

Volcano erupted in Martinique in 1902. Killed over 30,000 residents.only 1 person escaped ‘ reason why’ He was in jail’ the thick walls saved him.

In 1977 the diplomats to the United Nations got 250,000 parking tickets issued to them by the New York City Police. The ambassador from Guinea managed to get the most..he racked up 526.

Those floats you see at the Rose Bowl’ Well, they use up anywhere from 30,000 to 150,000 flowers and generally take anywhere from 700 to 900 hours to build one. The parade started in 1890 to show off the flowers and other blooming plants in the area. The first band was introduced in 1891. Used to be called the Tournament of it’s known as the Rose Parade.

Washington D.C. is only 3,675 from the North Pole.

Beer cans didn’t come out until on the other hand has been around since about 6,000 B.C. The Greeks used to think that drinking beer caused leprosy. It didn’t.

So how come a grapefruit got its name’ Not anything like a grape’ Well, it’s just because the fruit hangs down in clusters like grapes. A really good tree can produce as much as 1,490 pounds of fruit each year.

About ‘ of the population of this country will visit a zoo within the next 24 months. There are about 1,000 zoos worldwide that can be accounted for as they belong to various organizations.

St. John the Divine in New York is the world’s largest Gothic cathedral in the world.

At various times the Coliseum in Rome was filled with water and naval battles were staged there. These included ships of all sorts with the crews fighting to the death. This is before television.

In the Chinese language, the symbol for trouble represents 2 women living in the same house. I just write what I read, so don’t get mad at me.

Shakespeare’s play The Twelfth Night’ was originally called What You Will.’

Along those same lines’ Emily Dickinson wrote over 900 poems, of which only 4 were actually published while she was alive.

The longest recorded attack of hiccups lasted 65 years.

Cataract operations were performed in India starting in 1000 BC. If the surgeon made a mistake and blinded a nobleman, one of his hands was cut off. If he blinded a slave, he had to pay to replace him.

Costa Rica, a country of over 2,000,000 people does not have an army.

I never heard this before’ Columbus visited England in 1477 and Iceland in 1480.

Honey has been known to be used as the center for golf balls as well as for antifreeze.