If you want your bug spray to be effective the best time to use it is at 4PM. The Department of Agriculture says that’s the time insects are the most active. Go get ’em.

So where’d we get the word ”grocer” It originally meant a person involved in the wholesale trading of foodstuffs. Since he sold goods by in bulk or by the ‘gross’the word evolved as we use it today.

We use the words to weasel out of something as a result of watching the animal called a weasel try to squirm and wiggle it’s way out of a trap once he’s been caught. People are said to use the same technique to get out of tight situations.

So you’re in the desert and you need a hardy beast of burden…Use a camel, right’ Wrong. A giraffe can go much longer without water than a camel. Haven’t seen too many giraffes loaded up with stuff however.

I don’t know how long camels and giraffes can hold out without water, but the average human can make it about 11 days at 60 degrees.

Everyone knew that Burt Lancaster started out as a lingerie salesman before he became famous as an actor.

Speaking of famous people’..Robert Mitchum once got fired from an auto factory in Detroit for refusing to wear socks to work.

While we’re on this Ringo Starr got fired as a barman on a charter boat for talking back to his boss after an all night party.

The temperature on our sun can range from a low of only 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit to a sweltering 15 million degrees on a hot day’.

The largest bill the US mint ever produced was for $100,000. It was never put into circulation and only used for government matters. Until 1969 you could still get bills issued in $10,000 denominations. Today the largest is a $100 bill.

In football we call the play a ‘down’ why is this In the beginning days of football, the player would yell out”down when he was so that others would stop piling on top of him. Now you know.

If you ever get lost in woods and are starving you can eat your shoes the leather therein has enough nutrition to keep your motor going for a little while longer’ if you’re wearing rubber sneakers’ well, try some berries or something else.

While you’re there be aware that the black mamba snake can travel anywhere from 25 to 30 miles per hour’ been known to chase riders on horseback’. hope you can climb trees ‘hope it can’t.

You’d have better luck chasing frogs unless you managed to go after the South African sharp-nose’ He can jump 33 feet in 3 leaps don’t know how fast he can run do frogs run

The penny accounts for over 2/3’s of the total coins that we have in circulation..the mints have trouble keeping up with the supply since so many people save them in jars and bottles where do you keep yours

What was the ‘day of 2 noons? Happened in 1883. At that time we had 100 time zones in this country’a group of railroad officials devised what we now use as standard time zones. Cut the number down from 100 to just 4. The date was selected and the time went out at noon on that day by telegraph. Since several of the zones had already passed noon, they had another one.

Seven is the number of what:

Well, the Seven Dwarfs..Sleepy, Happy, Dopey, Bashful, Grumpy, Sneezy and Doc.

The number of Kings who attended Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1977.

A human eyeball weights 7 grams.

There are 7 Hills of Rome.

The number of recorded accidents in England in 1977 for accidents in the home involving the use of putty.

While we’re on this one, it’s also the number of accidents in 1994 in England in which a tape measure hurt someone at home.who keeps up with this stuff’

Speaking of the English. we get the termback seat from the English Parliament. The party in the majority sits on the front rows, while the minority party members take a back seat when in session.

In Waterloo, Nebraska.if you’re a barberyou can go to jail for eating onions between the hours of 7am and 7pm. Watch those hamburgers.

Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish. He was from Britain. Was kidnapped by some Irish bandits and escaped. Then he became a priest, eventually a bishop and went back to Ireland as a missionary.

The first World Series was won by The Boston Red Sox in 1903. They played the Pittsburgh Pirates and beat them 5 games to 3, out of best of 9 games. Happened from October 1st to October 13th of that year.

You want to know how fast a train is traveling Count the number of clicks you hear in 20 seconds’ that’ll tell you about how fast it’s going.

The slogan for Coca-Cola in 1953 was”.’Things Go Better With Coke in 1929 ..it was ‘The Pause That Refreshes’.

The microwave oven…That piece of kitchen equipment that we find indispensable. Well, it was invented by one Percy Spencer while he was working for Raytheon.. He was working on improving the magnetron on a radar unit when he noticed that candy in his pocket had melted. He got the idea that microwaves could be used to heat food.

In 1797, a woman got married in England…Not too unusual except she did so while completely naked. There was a superstition at that time that said that a woman who was wealthy married some fellow who had a lot of debts .then the creditors could not come after her for payment of her husbands bills if she got married in the nude. Doesn’t say what she had to wear or not wear at the reception.

Ted Danson, the TV actor used to play the part of a bad attorney on the soap opera called Somerset.

Don’t laugh .Kevin Kline started his career as Woody reed, in the everlasting Search For Tomorrow.’

Final one Kim Novak was Miss Deepfreeze of 1953’Where was this held’

Why Did you know that Louis XIV owned 413 beds now you do.

Along those same lines .at the court of Louis the XV, (no telling how many beds he had) your status was determined by the height of your chair .no one but the King could sit in a chair that had arms on it.

The common sponge has to filter a ton of water through its pores in order to gain one ounce of body weigh. Wish that were the same with me.

Edison’s first patented invention was a voting machine. No one took it serious and it was many years before anyone considered that it had any commercial possibilities.

Another little fact about old Thomas…although he had his sight ..he preferred to read books in Braille.

Final thought and then I’ll quit Tom did so poorly in school; his mother yanked him out and taught him at home. She was a schoolteacher, so she must have known what she was doing.

At one time you could get 250,000 people in the Circus Maximus in Rome.

If you were traveling in Ireland in the 1700’s and were challenged to a duel, but you had no pistols, what to doWell, most of the Inns of the day had a spare set on hand for just such an event..probably made you pay your bill before you set out for the big day.

At least 50 million bacteria are able to live in a single drop of liquid.

Ever heard of the metal called Osmium Well, it’s so dense that an ingot the size of a dollar bill and about 1 inch thick would weigh over 13 pounds’.

That sea creature called an abalone  find one about 4 inches and try to pry it opengood luck.says it can grip a rock with a force of over 400 pounds .couple of strong men can’t even break it apart.

What’s the motto for the State of Alaska my sources say it doesn’t have one.

Henry Hudson, the famous Dutch explorer should have bought some land when he arrived in this country ..He landed on the spot we now call Coney Island could have made a deal on it if he’d been smart.

Here we call it a:

Apartment, in England it’s a ‘flat’.

Elevator over there it’s a ‘lift’

Gasoline here petrol, there.

Lawyer ‘.solicitor’..

So far, the best selling non-fiction book has been ‘Dr. Spock’s Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care.’

Eskimos have over 20 different words for snow..people in Texas don’t.

The monkey wrench was named after the guy who invented it .Charles Moncke

Drop a raisin into a glass of fresh champagne and it will rise to the top, fall and rise to the top again and again and again”. isn’t this interesting