So when you think it’s hot’ you call it the ‘dog days of summer’ why’ Blame it on the Romans because they thought the hottest days of the summer were caused by a star called Sirius, otherwise known as the Dog Star.

For some reason I’d always thought they were longer. The average length of the human intestine is 29 feet.

Took 29 hours to get from New York to Chicago in 1873.

While I’ve got your attention on the number 29, that’s the Finnish term for a hangover. Guess you’d say I can’t talk now, I’ve got a 29 Or maybe it’s just pronounced twenty-nine’

Don’t try this at home. An ancient cure for whopping cough advised that if you’d pass a child under the belly of donkey three times, they would get well in a week.

Weird’ in 1995 a lady in France was arrested after stabbing her new husband with the knife they used to cut the wedding cake don’t guess they went off on a honeymoon.

If you thought the United sates had had just 2 capitals. Philadelphia and Washington D.C., you’d be shy by 7. The others were: Baltimore Maryland, Lancaster and York Pennsylvania. Trenton and Princeton, New Jersey and then Annapolis, Maryland.

It’s said that the volume of water on the earth is the same as it was 3 billion years ago.

This is kind of neat’ in 1898, Spain declared war on the United States (Spanish-American War) ‘ the United States responded, but backdated the resolution by 3 days so it would look as if we entered the war first.

That pet parrot belonging to your Aunt Hilda has the ability to exert 350 pounds of pressure per square inch with its beak. Don’t be sticking your fingers into that cage.

Couple of facts about China: lots of Chinese committed suicide by eating at least a pound of salt.

At Chinese funerals, one never let their shadow fall inside the coffin of the deceased, lest it might get trapped inside with the dead person.

Voltaire’s body was stolen from its tomb in the 1800’s. Wasn’t discovered until 1864. At last report it has never been found. Police have no idea of who took it or why.

Ok, here we are’ a few weeks ago, I wrote that the fastest an object travels, the larger it becomes. One of you kind people wrote me and said they believed I was incorrect.Well, after further study I found that ‘ an object traveling at the speed of light would SHRINK in size..but would increase in WEIGHT .thus the faster an object traveled the smaller but heavier it would become. I hope I finally got this right.

Final point about the Orient..the rickshaw was invented by an American named Jonathan Scobie about 1869. Seems he and his wife were missionaries in Japan. Jonathan needed some mode of transportation to move his wife since she was an invalid. Everyone liked it and it soon became the most popular form of transportation.

You ask Are termites good for anything Yes, they are helpful in clearing forests of fallen timber and rotted wood..

The last words of Beethoven are reported to have been I shall hear in Heaven.’

Harry Truman’s middle name was S. No period, just an S. This is not working.Harry S Truman was correct, not Harry S. Truman. There that’s correct.

There isn’t any evidence that pirates ever made anyone actually walk the plank. If they wanted to get rid of some crewmember for one reason or another, they’d just throw that person overboard.

So what to do if a bee stings you’ Well, remove the stinger by raking your fingernail across it in a sideways not pinch the area.

Every minute the world’s population increases by 140 people.<   That’s a net of 140, since 240 are born each minute and 100 die each minute.

Girls born in 1998 can expect to live on the average of 79.4 years boys can only look forward to an average of 73.9 years .

After finding the info above I looked up the life expectancy for someone in America born in 1900. A female was expected to live 48.3 years and a male 46.3.

In 1873, it was impolite to stop and talk with any woman wearing a veil. It was generally taken as a sign that she did not wish to be recognized. You were encouraged to treat her as a stranger.

The fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes was awarded an honorary degree in criminology.

Only about 1 in every 1,000 frogs lives to the age of 6 years

However, the freshwater mussel can live to be 90 years old.

If you could unwind the DNA of a single human cell, it would be over 6.6 feet in length.

Although men colored their hair more than women over 3 thousand years ago, the trend started to change in the 60’s when safer hair coloring products came out on the market. Prior to that time, only 7% of women colored their hair. Today, over 75% do so. The change came about as a result of creative marketing that made the practice more acceptable.

The United States Post Office has only taken in more money than it has spent in 13 years since it was formed in the year 1851. No wonder stamps keep costing us more

The principal ingredients of both bricks and glass are the same.sand.just plain old sand.

Hinkley, Ohio is the place to go if you want to celebrate the return of the buzzard or turkey vulture in March of every year.

I’ll bet you knew that one 75-watt bulb gives off more light than three 25-watt bulbs. If you didn’t, now you do.

The Duke of Buckingham built Buckingham Palace in 1703. It became the residence of British royalty in 1837.

About 2800 B.C., folks didn’t use soap when they took a bath. They used olive oil and sand and then scraped the mixture off with a tool called a strigil. The Romans took baths, but added oils to the water, not soap. About 2000 B.C. soap was used for the healing of wounds not cleaning.

Pizza was invented in 1889 when the Queen visited Naples. A restaurant owner prepared the dish using the colors of the Italian flag.tomatoes for the red, mozzarella cheese for the white and basil for the green. You probably didn’t know that the Spanish thought tomatoes were poison until the middle of the 18th century.

One out of every 5 doctors in the world is Russians.

Things you always wanted to know belly button lint’ where does it come from’ Glad you asked. Comes from fuzz from your tee shirts and your underwear. Sweat causes it to stick to your belly button. If you stop wearing underwear or sweating, then you’d eliminate the problem. Not a good choice is it’

There are usually about 600,000 earthquakes each year that measure under 2.0 on the Richter scale. Too small to be noticed.

The first Cadillac cost less than the first Ford when it came out in 1903.

Bet you can’t find a uniform for a mailman or a train conductor before the Civil War. Know why’ Weren’t any. They refused to wear them since they felt they were a symbol of servitude like household staff in Europe.

According to Einstein, one pound of anything if it was converted into energy would produce 11,400 million kilowatt hours of energy.

Bees need to think about what I just said make 1 pound of honey’ they must collect nectar from over 2 million flowers.

The oldest city in the United States is ‘ (drum roll, please) ..St. Augustine in Florida, founded in 1565.

Everyone should be able to figure this one out’ what state in the United States adopted a Broadway musical number as their state song’ Come on, you knew it was ‘ Oklahoma.’

If you want to see Halley’s comet’ you’ll have to wait until 2061. I probably won’t be there.

To drill an oil well five miles deep, you just about have to drill seven days a week for nearly 500 days.

We know that ‘ throwing in the towel or throwing in the sponge’ means someone quit or admitted defeat. Where did it come from ..Boxing. Used to be when the boxer’s aides wanted to show that they were through, they’d throw the sponge or towel into the ring as a signal to stop the fight.