The country of Monaco’ It covers only 370 acres.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is the only American poet to have a bust of himself on display at Westminster Abbey in London.

I always thought the word cooties were just something kids had made up. Wrong. It comes from a word in the Polynesian language that means lice.

The most popular name for a dog in the United States is ‘ Lady’

James Audubon made his living as a portrait painter so he could afford to study birds.

Dorothy of ‘ The Wizard of Oz ..You knew that her last name was Gale, didn’t you’

The light coming to us from the farthest star has taken over 4 billion years to reach us at a speed of 186,000 miles per second.

All interstate highways that run from one coast to the other coast all end in a ‘ 0.

I didn’t realize that the first television newscast occurred on August 22, 1928. It happened in Albany, New York to announce the nomination of Alfred Smith for President. He lost, by the way.

Bet you didn’t know that the sport of gouging was popular in the Ohio Valley around 1800. The so-called game consisted of trying to gouge out your opponents eye with your thumbnail. Lovely.

If you were to call a gathering of Rooks (birds) a ‘ building .you’d be correct.

Winston Churchill once said, Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm.’ I like that.

Human hearts weigh different for males and females’ Yep, the males average out at 11.1 ounces and the females at 9.3 ounces.

Top term of endearment used by Americans for their spouses was ‘ Honey. ‘ Angel’ and ‘ Pumpkin’tied for 8th place.

Blue laws.those laws that regulate what we can or can’t do on some days like Sunday..were called that because they were first written on blue paper back in 1665.

Don’t laugh; Sylvester Stallone’s first job was that of a lion-cage cleaner.

That’s not as bad as the first one that Mick Jagger landed. He was a porter at a mental hospital.

The blesbok is the only purple animal’ lives in South Africa.

Ever wonder why seagulls all face in the same direction’ It’s because of the way they’ re built, heavy in the front and light in the rear. They get less wind resistance when they face into the wind.

The reason worms come out of the ground after a rain is fairly simple. Their holes are full of water.<

Remember those old drawing of Ben Franklin flying a kite with a key attached to it trying to test electricity’ Well, old Ben wasn’t anyone’s fool. He was very careful. Seems the first two guys that tried this got themselves electrocuted.

Another point about Paul addition to being a silversmith, he was also a dentist. Learned how to repair false teeth and to clean teeth from another surgeon.

Strange..what we call a ‘ French kiss’ here in America is called an ‘ English kiss’ in France.

Al Capone, the gangster, told folks that he got the scar on his face from some battle in World War 1. Never happened, old Scarface actually got knifed during a fight in a bar where he was working as a bouncer.

Afternoons on Venus can get up to 984 degrees. Better bring some good sunscreen.

The only NBA game in which neither team scored more than 20 points happened on November 22, 1950′ the Minneapolis Lakers (now the L.A. Lakers) beat the Fort Wayne (now Detroit) Pistons by a score of 19 to 18.

The custom of a man tipping his hat to a lady started in the days of chivalry. Used to be that when a knight met a lady, he would raise the visor on his helmet to show that he intended no harm. Of course, helmets went out of style as hats came in and so there you have it.

Just so you’ll know’ Chianti isn’t a red wine since it’s made with both red and white grapes.

It’s been reported that some dinosaurs were as small as hens, as in chickens..

There has been at least on woman to win the Medal of Honor. President Andrew Johnson gave Mary Walker of the 52nd Ohio Regiment the award in 1865.

Did you know that a sneeze could travel at about 100 miles an hour. Please cover up..thank you.

In 1800 America did not have a public library.

You might be interested to know that there is a martial art called ‘ tessenjutsu’ practiced in Japan. This deadly practice is based on the expert use of a fan.

A single strand of hair can tell forensic scientists what the person’s age, sex and race happened to be.

The starfish is the only animal on land or sea that can turn its stomach inside out. Makes it easier to eat its prey.

Mr. Earl Tupper invented Tupperware in 1942. His first product was a plastic cup.

Houseflies live for two weeks. I don’t think this is correct. I know I’ve had one that I can’t catch for about 6 months now.

George Washington had the entire Continental army (all 4,000 of them) vaccinated in 1777. It was thought that this probably saved them in order to fight.

If you were to hold the metal Gallium in your hand’ it’d melt. Does so at 86 degrees. Not good for engagement rings.

Beethoven’s last words were I shall hear in heaven.’ As you know he was deaf.

The temperature of the earth increases by one degree for every 60 feet of decent.