Prussian Field Marshall Blucher who came to the aid of Wellington and helped defeat Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo was somewhat odd. He thought he was pregnant with an elephant.. and that the father was a French soldier. Maybe I should have said…very odd.

J.P. Morgan, the banker, missed sailing on the Titanic due to ill health.

It’s illegal to catch whales in Oklahoma.

You also can’t get a fish drunk in Oklahoma. Who’d want to’

If you went to Hill City, South Dakota, you’d find an animal museum named “The Call of the Wild.” Named after the famous Jack London novel.

It’s estimated that over 150 tons of meteorites fall to the Earth each year. So far only seven folks have been hit.

There weren’t any banks in the United States before the Revolutionary War. If you wanted to borrow any money you had to get a loan from some other colonial.

More weird 1976 a lady in Los Angeles married a 50-pound rock. More than 20 people attended the wedding. Gives ..”You may kiss the bride” a new dimension doesn’t it’

It was Johannes Muller who discovered proteins in the year 1830.

You knew that eggs aren’t as likely to crack during boiling if you add a few tablespoons of vinegar to the water. You might also prick a small hole in the large end of the egg as well.

You probably don’t remember that it was Robert Ferry who set a distance record of 2,213 miles in a helicopter in 1966.

How old is the oldest piano still in existence’ One that was built in 1720.

Speaking of pianos, no one knows where Mozart is buried.

Think Pasadena, California and the Tournament of Roses or the Rose parade should come to mind.

Attila the Hun…general all around bad guy…died on his wedding night. No reason given.

As of 1998, the most popular name for a male in England was John.

If you said there had been six members of the comedy team.The Three Stooges, you’d be right. That would be Moe, Curly, Larry, Shemp and two Joes.

Disney introduced Mickey Mouse in 1928. He was the first talking cartoon character. Makes him about 73 years old about now.

I don’t care what you heard in school, if you swallow gum it won’t stick to your heart.

The author, George Orwell’s real name was Eric Blair.

The name of that 630-foot arch in St. Louis is the Gateway Arch. Now you know.

Henry Kaiser once said.” I think that American salesmanship can be a weapon more powerful than the atomic bomb.”

Any idea of how many people have lived on the earth since the dawn of time’ Best guess is between 69 billion and 110 billion. Give or take a few billion.

The reason people tell you to ‘keep your shirt on’when they want you to calm down is because men used to take their shirts off whenever they got mad enough to get into a fistfight.

Ostriches do put their heads in the ground. Not to hide though, just looking for water.

So is there such a thing as a sardine’ Nope, just a term used to describe over 20 species of small herrings.

Costs the government 2.59 cents to make a nickel and only 1.42 cents to make a dime. Looks to me like we could save money making more dimes, doesn’t it to you’

You might have noticed that in those old photos made in the 1800’s, not many folks smiled. The reason’ Bad teeth.

If you were playing the board game “Clue” in Switzerland, the playing piece we know as Colonel Mustard would be known as Madame Curry. Thought you’d want to know.

Test your friends.” What city in the United States is not located within a state.” Why Washington D.C. of course.

Abraham Lincoln wore a size 14 shoe.

A star explosion is known as a Nova, light from the star at the time of the explosion becomes 10,000 times brighter.

Glenn Miller was the first musician to win a gold record. It happened in February of 1942 after sales of his song…’Chattanooga Choo Choo’climbed past the 1,000,000 mark.

The first gold album went to the Broadway production of ‘Oklahoma’in 1949.  By 1956 this one had sold over 1.75 million albums.

In 1st Kings, 12:11. King Rehoboam tells the people of his nation that he will discipline them using scorpions. This was before Civil Rights.

Earthworms can grow to a length of 11 feet. They breathe through their skin since they have no lungs.

Theodore Roosevelt shook hands with 8,513 people on New Years day of 1907.  Who do you think counted this fact’ Why’delaware is the only state whose counties are divided into regions called ‘hundreds’.

Accidents occur in the home most often on the stairs. The next biggest cause is power tools.

You knew the reason for making manhole covers round…think about it. They don’t fall in the hole..

Grover Cleveland is the only US President so far to have been married in the White House.

Hot water weighs more than cold water does.

The men’s jacket known as a ‘blazer’was named for the British Ship, the H.M.S. Blazer. The captain of that ship insisted that the crew always wear a blue jacket with metal buttons…at all times.