So, if you bought had bought a book in 1896 called ‘ Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc’ and it was penned by someone named Sieur Louis de Conte’ would you have ever guessed that the author was really Mark Twain’ Probably not..

If you get asked what is the state sport of Alaska you can answer that it’s dog mushing and you’d be correct.

While we’ re on Alaska..the US Government started the Siberian reindeer herd in 1891 by giving the Eskimos a herd of 16 to start off with’

Benjamin college, no high school, no junior high school, no elementary school’ just the first grade and one year with a private teacher..

The Broadway musical Hello Dolly’ was written for what famous entertainer’ Why, that’d be Ethel Merman’she didn’t star in it until much later on.

Queen Elizabeth visited Canada in 1960..while she was there a popular American song was banned from being played over Canadian stations.what was it’ The very popular Battle of New Orleans’ by Johnny Horton was a ballad about the Americans winning the battle in 1815 with the help of Andrew Jackson..

Anyone out there speak Luxembourgish If so, then you’ re probably from the country of Luxembourg. Can you take lessons for this’

When someone in Arkansas was filling out the form to enable their town to get a post office, the following happened the form asks for the name of the town..underneath it says ‘ write in ink so the person filling out the form did as instructed’ now they live in Ink, Ark.

Buddy Holly’s drummer was responsible for the song title Peggy Sue ..Buddy wanted to call his song Cindy Lou’ but the drummer had a girlfriend named Peggy Sue and the rest you know.

You knew that the nine-banded armadillo always gives birth to identical quadruplets.

A man’s heart weighs 10-12 ounces on the average’ a woman’s’ Anywhere from 8-10 ounces’ And you always said that women have more heart.

Hardly seems worth the effort’ a mayfly takes 3 years to hatch, and then lives for about 6 hours..should have stayed in bed..

The first messages sent by air traveled by smoke, nope, pigeon, nope..arrow Yep. About the 5th century BC.

Chlorine is the most common element in saltwater’

The typical set of Scottish bagpipes has how many pipes’ Five..I don’t have time to describe them all.

A day on Mars is 24 hours, 37 minutes and 22 seconds..if you were there you could work more than 24 hours, couldn’t you’

The average human has between 120,000 and 150,000 hairs on their head’ except me..

Poultry is domesticated fowl fowl is just fowl

A horse is called a ‘ weanling’ before it becomes a yearling. Oddly all horses use January 1st as their birthdays’ Is this correct’

There isn’t any real lead in a lead pencil’ it’s graphite and clay..graphite once was thought to be a type of lead.

A great horned owl can turn it’s head 270 degrees more than I can..

Worker ants..always female…Can carry over 50 times their own body weight.

David Niven, the famous British actor made his screen debut in a Hopalong Cassidy movie. He was dressed as an Indian and wearing a blanket.obviously he wasn’t allowed to speak.

The name of the dolphin that played Flipper in the movie’she was named Mitzi in real life’ or marine life’ whatever.

Hershey chocolate syrup was used for blood in the 1960 Hitchcock movie ..’ Psycho’ black and white movie’ remember’

You knew that King Kong lived on Skull Island, didn’t you’

The J.C. in J.C. Penney what’s that stand for’ James Cash

Talk about cheap.Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis each got $100 for their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in June of 1948..I missed that one.

One for the Trekkies..what was the original name for the USS Enterprise’ It was originally called the USS Yorktown. Don’t know who did it or why it was changed.

The USS Nevada was the only battleship in the US Navy to have been at Pearl Harbor and at the invasion of Europe on D-Day.

The pass word for the Allies on D-Day was ..’ Mickey Mouse.

Shoeless Joe Jackson was the only baseball player to bat over .400 as a rookie. In his first year as a major league player, he hit .408 for the Cleveland Indians in 1911.

Basketball got its name from it’s inventor…James Naismith in December 1891 was first played using half-bushel peach baskets as the goals.

14-year-old Nadia Comaneci of Romania’ was the first gymnastic athlete to have received a perfect 10 score in the Olympics of 1976.

First million-dollar career for a sports figure’ was made by heavyweight boxer’ John L. Sullivan.

Forgot this note on the Olympics.who always marches last in the opening procession ‘ The country that is hosting the event for that year.

George Custer paid $127.80 for an insurance premium just before the Battle of the Little Big was a $5,000 death benefit policy.

By the way, Custer’s real official rank at the time of the big battle was Lt. Colonel.  On television ‘ what family lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane’ Come on, you know it was the Munsters.

You might need to know that par on the longest golf hole in the world is 7. By the way, that hole 909 yards long 7th hole at Japan’s Sano Course in Satsuki..Now you know.

Woody Allen’s legal name is Heywood Allen’ His original name was Allen Stewart Konigsberg.

Johnny Carson only played in one movie’ can you name it Looking for Love’ with Connie Francis in 1965.

When margarine first appeared on the market in England’ you would see it advertised as ‘ butterine.

The Gaelic name Campbell means ‘ crooked mouth’

What do you call a maid of honor at a wedding in England’ The chief bridesmaid, of course.