Bet you didn’t know that Pandemonium was the name of the main city in Hell in John Milton’s work called ‘ Paradise Lost.

Wasn’t until May of 1970 that a woman rode a horse in the Kentucky Derby’ lady by the name of Diane Crump.

Bet you were wondering who invented the left hook in boxing, weren’t you’ Gentleman Jim Corbett in 1889 was responsible for doing this .

Williard Scott, the Today Show weatherman.. His first television job was as Bozo the clown in his start in Washington D.C.

How much do you think ballpoint pens cost when they came out in 1945′ $12 each..I don’t think I bought one at that price.

The name Joseph Gayetty’ mean anything to you.drawing a blank’ Well, in 1857 he invented toilet paper.Good for him.

Only one time zone in China..All clocks have to be coordinated to the time in Beijing.

Want to raft down the Volga River in Europe’ Be prepared to hang in for a good period of runs 2,293 miles long’starts in Russia.

Talk about a mistake’ fellow named George Harrison (not the Beatle) sold the rights to the Rand for $50 in 1886. The Rand, in case you didn’t know, is the world’s largest source of gold

Jonas Hanaway, doesn’t ring a bell does it’ Anyway, he was the first man in England to carry an umbrella in public..Caused quite a stir in 1750, only women had carried them up until that point

If you were a logger and someone was talking to you about a ‘ jackpot .what were they referring to’ It was used to describe a large, messy pile of logs.

While we’ re on technical terms..If you were driving a truck and someone was talking about a ‘ bumper sticker ..What would they be talking about’someone who tailgates too closely.

Cherrioats that’s what Cherrio’s were first called when they came on the market 50 years ago.

Bet you didn’t know it takes 9.86 quarts of milk to make a pound of butter.

In the early 1800’s you could buy ‘dr. Miles Compound Extract of Tomato ..Was a we call it ketchup.

So, your son comes in and says he want to go to college and study to be a vexillologist. What will he be interested in’the study of flags’

Old Fido, your faithful dog’ ever wonder where the name came from’ Came from the Latin word fidus which means faithful.

If you were in the emergency room and someone yelled out that ‘ This guys a GOMER what do they mean someone who comes into the emergency room with some minor problem.It’s a acronym for Get out of my emergency room’

So how do you measure luminance’ Measured in something called a nit One nit is a unit of brightness equal to one candela per square meter.

If someone running for political office is called ‘drab what’s that refer to stands for doesn’t rock any boats.

I didn’t know this’ the Packard automobile was the first car to have air-conditioning in 1939.

Costs the government about 2 ‘ cents to make a quarter

Plymouth Rock weighs 4 and ‘ tons..How do they know this stuff did someone pick it up’

So, how many islands are actually in the Hawaiian Islands’ Actually there are 8 big ones and 124 small ones for a total of 132.

You knew Judge Roy Bean was famous as the ‘ law west of the Pecos .bet you don’t know what his brother Josh did..Give up’ First Mayor of San Diego, California.

I always thought the powder used to keep the founding fathers wigs white was flour’ now I learn it was actually ground rice.

Neil Armstrong’ first man on the moon’ what was his annual salary when he was working for NASA in 1969 Just over $30,000 a year.

The goat is the most common domestic animal in Africa.

The term ‘ passing the buck ..Where’d that come from’ It referred to a practice in a card game when someone didn’t want to deal..A big buckknife would be passed from one player to another.

So how did oranges get to Florida in the first place’ Thanks to Spain.all ship captains were required to carry 100 orange seeds with them on every voyage. Don’t know if they had to plant them or not.

Pushtu is a language spoken where’ In Afghanistan, you knew that

Only one continent doesn’t have any glaciers’ which one is it’ Australia, of course.

The diameter of the earth is 7,926 miles at the equator .

Here’s a weird one for you’ Ludwig I, the King of Bavaria from 1825 until 1848..Stuffed his mattresses with the beards and mustaches from soldiers serving in his father’s military regiment. Why’

Highest tides in the world are in the Bay of Fundy sometimes go 70 feet or more.tough to tie up boats there’

In ancient Rome the cat was the symbol for liberty..

If you lived in a city and were called a Cariocas where would you be’ You’d be a citizen of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Greatest number of collect calls are made on Fathers day .guess they use their own money on Mothers Day..

That single oar used by the guys on the gondoliers in Venice’ each is over 14 feet long..

The florin.was a coin minted in Florence, Italy starting in 1252..The word means ‘ little flower. Florence was the first city to make their own coins.

Name the only place where crocodiles and alligators exist where else.

The famous ship’ the Cutty Sark.made it’s first voyage in 1869 what was it’s cargo’ Tea from China.

Here’s something original’ The famous revolutionary hero ‘ Pancho Villa..Reported that his final words were.’don’t let it end this way’ tell them I said something.’   You’d have thought he could do it on his own.

If you were earning minimum wage in 1938′ how much were you getting’ A whopping 25 cents an hour.

So what state capital is actually located on the Delaware River’ New Jersey has it’s capital in Trenton’

Not sure this is very flattering.Queen Anne of England was bowlegged.this was the inspiration for the furniture called by the same name.

Finally for today sweden has the most phones per capita of any country in the world.