If you’ve ever wondered where the author Ian Fleming got the name for his famous 007 character.wonder no more. Came from a coffee table book on birds by one James Bond.

While we’ re on authors’ bet you didn’t know that the character The Cisco Kid’ was created by O’ Henry in his story called The Caballero’s Way .

Remember this next time you go there..The distance from the foul line to the head pin on a bowling alley is sixty feet.

You might have guessed this one’ the only commercial Elvis Presley made in his entire career was for Southern Made Donuts’ came out in 1954’doesn’t say if he got a lifetime supply or not.

Everyone’s heard of Podunk we’ve grown to accept it as describing a small town’ where is it anyway’ Go to Worchester, Massachusetts.close to there.

So where did the name for the month of APRIL get its name’ From the Latin word . Aprilis. Means ‘ to open’ as in the buds and flowers..You know Spring, buds, flowers…bees.birds .

So exactly what are ‘ yurts    Everyone knows they are the round domes tents used by the Mongolian nomads.

Horses are often measured by how many ‘ hands’ high they are..So how big is a ‘ hand’ anyway’ Four inches.

Young kids aren’t going to get this one Glenn Miller was the first musical artist to win a gold record.For what’ Why his recording of Chattanooga Choo-Choo of course.

So do you have any recordings of a musician named .Annie Mae Bullock’ I’ll bet you do..Oh, yes’ you probably know her better as Tina Turner.

Who’s got the largest egg..A duck or a crocodile’ Both about the same.3 inches or so.

What do you call a female rabbit’ They’ re called a doe.males are called bucks’

Along this same line..You call a group of foxes a what’ A skulk of course.

Roaring along at a snails pace would be about what per hour’ You’d be cruising at about 25 feet every hour.

Finally ..How many fat cells does the average human have’ About 40 to 50 billion’ way too many if you ask me

If you knew someone who called themselves a deltiologist…would you’ A. ask what kind of a doctor this is’ B. Figure it was some kind of a mystic guru’ C. ask if they had found any new and interesting postcards lately’ You should have answered C…They collect them.

The City of Batman.where is it’ If you said Gotham you’d be wrong..It’s in Turkey.

If someone told you to go out and buy a ‘ wagger pagger bagger what on earth are they asking for’ Nothing here, but in England…it’s a trashcan.

So, you’ re being sworn in as the President and you are asked to put your hand on the Bible while you take your oath of office..what would you be holding if you were becoming some high official in ancient Egyptian times’ An onion

symbol of eternity.

So when Birdseye first came out with frozen foods in 1930′ what’d they call it then’ Frosted Food’ they thought frozen would scare people off’ changed it back some years later.

You know Cher..but I bet you didn’t know her real name is Cherilyn.full name is Cherilyn Sarkisian.

If you suffered from siderodromophia what would you be afraid of’ You’d want to stay away from trains.

A squab by any other name is .just a pigeon that hasn’t flown yet..You knew that.

After King Edward VIII abdicated his position..he became the governor or the Bahamas for five years.

Now here’s one time you wouldn’t mind being overweight.in 1946 the Aga Khan was given his weight in diamonds by his followers..he weighted in at 234 pounds’ about 2.5 million.

If you had a Model T Ford.bet you didn’t know that you had to clean the spark plugs every 200 miles that you drove it.

This is weird..Henry Ford saved Thomas Edison’s last breath’ it’s in a museum on display in Michigan.

What’s that all about’

So, when you bought your first television back in 1928..how could you see anything on the screen since it was 3 inches by 4 inches in size’

Ben Franklin was fascinated by turkeys’ he also was the first one to roast one on a rotating spit way back in 1749..did I mention it was an electric spit’ It was.

The only Englishman to have ever become Pope was one Nicholas Breakspear.otherwise known as Adrian IV.ruled from 1154 until 1159

Can you name the signers of the Declaration of Independence that went on to become President of the United States’ Just 2′ John Adams and Thomas Jefferson..

Old firehouses had circular staircases since horses could figure out how to walk up straight flights of stairs’

Just the place to be.the average’ I said average temperature at the South Pole is a chilly ‘ 56 degrees .better bundle up..

Save this one’ in what country did India Ink originate’surely you didn’t say India’ That’s too easy’ nope it was China.

Old Cleopatra’ painted her eyelids a lot..needed it for all of those relationships’ anyway’she did the lowers very green and the uppers..blue and black’ thought you’d want to know..

Noologists study the human mind.you knew that ..

The word SPAM’ came from two words.spiced ham.

The largest fruit crop on earth is grapes’ then bananas.

You knew there was a 120 feet of fabric in a bolt of cloth didn’t you I didn’t.

So, back in the 1860’s you knew where you were going  if you went to a mining camp known as Last Chance Gulch’ where would you go today    Helena , Montana.

The St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco has a full time person who does nothing but wash coins so the guests don’t get their hands dirty handling change.

Florida has about 13 shark attacks on folks in the water each year..

If you need one stop in at any one of the 284 restrooms located in the 17 ‘ miles of offices at the Pentagon’ If they’ll let you’ bet they would’ nice folks..maybe not.

So did you know that Winston Churchill was born in a ladies cloakroom’ His mother went into labor while attending a ball