Everyone knows there are 42 dots on a pair of dice. Admit it, you’ve counted them, haven’t you’

Bet you didn’t know that in 1992 there was a petition of 30,000 signatures sent to the governor of Hawaii to change the name of Maui. Know what they wanted to change it to’ Try Gilligan’s Island. Yep, that’s right. As you know, it didn’t get changed.

American Indians shaved..but with what’ Clamshells that had been sharpened’ could also be used as tweezers.

Limes were carried on English ships to prevent scurvy. The Americans used cranberries.

Theodore Roosevelt made it a point not to use the word ‘ I’ in his inaugural address. He was the first president to do so.

If you were trying to find lemurs living in the wild’ you’d need to go to the island of Madagascar.

The actress, Anne Baxter was the granddaughter of Frank Lloyd Wright.

So, when the French stormed the Bastille on July 14, 1789, which started the French revolution’ just how many prisoners did they let out of that charming place’seven.

Napoleon’s army of the North had 5,000 horses pulling the artillery pieces. How much feed was required to for each horse on a daily basis’ About 20 pounds, which meant someone, had to find about 10,000 pounds or 50 tons of feed each and every day.

Bet you didn’t know that Sitting Bull’s father’s name was Jumping Bull.

I didn’t know that China is the world’s largest producer of tobacco, did you’

Ptolemy 1 of Egypt was the first living ruler to have his face put onto a coin.

The boardwalk in Atlantic City..It was the first ever built in the world. Started on it in 1870. They used to take the boards up and store them each year at the onset of winter. Was built in 8-foot sections.

Ever hear of the Near Islands’ What are they near’ Off the coast of Alaska’ really closer to Russia, but became part of the US in 1867 when Alaska was purchased.

We think of the apple as the forbidden fruit..What do they think it is in Middle Eastern cultures’ The banana.

Your kids will tell you that a pig makes a sound like oink. Ask a kid from France to describe it and it comes out something like.’ grwahng .don’t ask me, I can’t say it either.

If you thought Hong Kong was one island, you’d be wrong there are 235 in the entire chain.

You can almost guess this one’ How’d the pound cake get its name’ Come on, it’s because all of the ingredients added up to a pound

So far, James Madison has been our smallest president. He was 5′ 4′ and never weighed more 100 pounds.

Another president story’ what kind of weird pets did John Quincy Adams and his wife keep silkworms they were taking care of them and were trying to make raw silk.

Did you know that a pelican could hold about 25 pounds of fish in its beak’

The average human has 46 chromosomes. What does a cabbage have’ 18′ and my question is why’ Is this important’don’t answer.

The asparagus is a member of what family the lily, same as the onion and garlic.

OK.what’s the name of the International Association of Women Helicopter Pilots ..Would you believe.’ Whirly-Girls

The B-B gun got its name from the fact that it shoots ..Ball bearings’ or ball bearing type pellets if you want to be technical.

You’d probably be able to identify Sulfur Island by its other name’ Iwo Jima.

If you were up north and visiting some Eskimos and they told you that what you were looking for was close to the ‘ big nail .what would they be referring to’ The North Pole, of course.

The letter ‘ O’ is the oldest letter in the alphabet..How do they know ‘

So, if you want a bushel of apples’ you’d be looking at about 42 pounds of apples’ right’ Right.

Each person in Ireland eats over 15 pound of cereal a year.makes them the country with the highest per capita consumption of the stuff.

The Grand Canyon’ you know the one where the Colorado River runs ‘did you realize it was 217 miles long’

Snowflake, Arizona was named for two pioneer settlers with last names of ..You guessed.Snow and Flake. Can’t fool you can I’

The average child between the ages of 2 and 8 years old will wear down about 730 crayons during their coloring book period.

The Liberty Bell weighs just over a ton.

Come on’ you know that Moses was 120 years old when he died, didn’t you’

If you don’t want to argue, stay out of your kitchen that’s the place in the house where the majority of the arguments start.

In 1913, the United States had the first million motor vehicles registered for the first time.

You are only allowed to catch grunion fish in your bare hands in the state of California. Everything else is illegal.

There were 342 chests of tea thrown overboard at the Boston tea party..

According to the Treasury Dept’ there are exactly 490 dollars to a pound of one-dollar bills.

Of the contiguous states there is only one that touches only one other state’ what is it’ Maine’ look at the map.

New York City paved its first street with stones in 1657..what was it called’stone St. what else’

Savannah, Georgia was founded in 1733 as a haven for British debtors

What’s the foggiest place in the United States’ Place called Cape Disappointment, Washington. Fogged in about 106 days of the years..Sounds dreary to me.

Al Capone was listed in the 1920 Chicago telephone directory as .’second hand furniture dealer 2220 S. Wabash Ave.’

The average person receives eight birthday cards ever year according to Hallmark cards.

More on that Boston tea thing’ what was the tax on tea in 1773′ Three cents a pound.

What state was the first to outlaw slavery’ It was Rhode Island in 1774.

The tallest monument in the United States’ Why, it’s the Gateway Arch in St. Louis at 630 feet..