So, if you were buying a Super Bowl ad in the first game in 1967 what would you have paid? About $85,000 for a full minute’ now it’s over $1,000,000 for each minute.

So did you ever actually count and see for yourself that there were 28 tiles in a game of dominoes’ There are.

Before 1908 the Olympic Marathon was 26 miles.why did it change’ 385 yards were added to the race so that it would finish in front of King Edward VII’s royal box in London. He must have had some pull.

Where’d we get the term..’ Red herring  From the sport of fox hunting.anti-hunting activist used to drag herrings across the path of the dogs to throw them off the scent of the fox..Is this new’ Nope, started back in the 17th century.folks still up in arms about it aren’t they?

You remember CinemaScope’ Can you tell me what film was the first to be made in it  The Robe’ back in 1953.

Come on think about this’ what’s the most often printed warning in the history of the printed word  Close cover before striking’ Used on match book covers – did you get it?

What industry was the first to adopt the 5-day, 40-hour workweek’   The steel industry in 1923.

Ford Motor had produced 1,000,000 cars by 1922′ what year did they hit the 2,000,000 mark’ Took them all of one more year. Did it again in 1923.

So, did you ever even think about where Robert Fulton launched his first steamboat’ No, well, it was in Paris in 1803.the first one sank’ but he did better in 1807 when he steamed up the Hudson River.

In 1888 when Kodak first marketed the box camera, you got the camera and a roll of film with 100 exposures on it for $100.

Another point concerning Ford.the Model T, came out in 1908.had a 22 horsepower 25 to 30 miles to a gallon.not bad’

If you said that the White House was the first building erected by the Federal Government in Washington, D.C. ..You’d be right ..John Adams first occupied the executive mansion in 1800.

The White House is the most visited home in the country’ what house is second’ Graceland, in Memphis of course’ The King still lives’ somewhere.

So, what did it cost per acre for the Alaska purchase in 1867′ A little over 2 cents for each acre’

Charles Richard Drew organized the first blood bank in this country .but he couldn’t give to it.why Law of the Land’ segregation’ Charles Richard Drew was an African American. The year was 1941.

You’d have to be dead for how long before you can get honored with a United States Postage Stamp’ Mere mortals have to be dead at least 10 years.Presidents only have to be deceased for 1 year ..

What’s the name of the first weekly magazine to sell a billion copies in a year’ TV Guide’ 1974

Where’d they get the old copper that was used to repair the Statue of Liberty in 1986′ From a roof on a Bell Laboratory building..If they had used new copper it would have been bright ‘ not green.

The longest strait in the world is located at the Strait of Malacca it’s about 500 miles long, runs between the Malay Peninsula and the island of Sumatra.

So if you were in Fiji ‘ what language would you speak’ Fijian, of course.

In order to force Queen Victoria to learn to keep her chin up, they would put springs of holly beneath her collar. Mean people ..

Loopholes.where’d we get that word’ The narrow windows that were built into the walls of castles back in medieval days.doesn’t mean the same today does it

Ancient Japanese used to use kites to get building products up on the roofs of tall buildings.pretty smart.

If you’ re in England and someone asks you to pick up a bag of Baps at the store…What do they want’ Hamburger buns…Where did this come from’

Along those same lines..Where’d we get the word ‘strike  Came from the English sailors refusal to ‘strike’ or lower the sails in 1768 ..Refusing to work is now known as a strike.

The Crown of England.used only at coronations’ weighs in at just over 7 pounds..No wonder they don’t wear it very often  .

Louis XIV had a ballet written for him’ what was it called and what part did he play’ It was called ‘ The Sun King’ and guess what role his majesty played’ I’ m not going to tell you..You have to guess.

So, you’ re in the ‘ Valley of 10,000 Smokes  ‘ where are you’ Well, you aren’t in a tobacco growing state’ you’d be in Alaska..Called that because of the volcanic steam that is coming up out of the ground..

Mistletoe is the state flower for Rhode Island..You knew that

Ralph Nader has only had one car in his life..Any idea what it was’ Yep, it was a 1949 Studebaker that he sold over 30 years ago’ guess he doesn’t like cars.

Juliette Low, the founder of the Girl Scouts was handicapped ..What was her handicap’ she was deaf.

So, the polltaker George Gallup’ what was his first poll and when was it taken’ He took one at the University of Iowa in the early 1920’s to find the prettiest girl on the campus..Found her’ married her.

Michigan has the longest shoreline of any inland state. Over 3,100 miles.

You know this..Tonto’s horse was named Scout..You remember the old TV series ..’ The Lone Ranger’don’t you’

Kleenex tissues were introduced in 1924..Came out as a cold cream remover.later found out they were being used to blow noses ..Made sense ..

The ancient God of dreams for the Greeks was called Morpheus

Just 2 books in the Bible are named for women.Ruth and Esther .

The streetlights in Hershey, Pennsylvania are designed to look like Hershey kisses.

The only known free roaming panthers left in the United States are found in what state’ If you said Florida’ you’d be correct.

Hernando de Soto of Spain was the first European to see the Mississippi River..Did it in the year 1541’died in 1542..

That first Thanksgiving in 1621′ how long did it last’ Three days.they had dancing and lots of athletic events..Plus some mead and beer..

Just how many Ringling Brothers were there anyway’seven’ headed by John the others helped out with the circus in one way or another.

People magazine came out on March 4, 1974  who was on the first cover’ Mia Farrow..You knew that’ Good for you.

You’ve been asking yourself..’ What’s the longest street in the United States’ haven’t you’ Well, it’s Figueroa St. in Los Angeles.runs for about 30 miles or so now you know .